Friday, November 1, 2013

Another Milestone

Olivia is sleeping in a toddler bed for the first time tonight.  She started climbing out of bed this week and so we converted her crib today, stripped her room of all things entertaining (books, toys, and accessories went into the closet), and secured all things dangerous (shelves and dresser anchored to the wall, drawers and closet secured shut), explained the situation to her, walked out and closed the door.  She didn't nap today (spent most of naptime in her rocking chair and exploring the vent and I spent the two hours with my eyes glued to the monitor, praying she wouldn't get hurt and that she would still take naps after this transition), but tonight after her regular routine and a long lay-by, she is asleep.  In her toddler bed.  Whew!  Hopefully over the next few days she will learn to take naps there too.

When I was a teenager and thinking of what it would be like to be a mom, I never thought about these sort of things.  The hard things.  Sleep training, coerced healthy meals, potty training, transitioning to a bigger bed, etc.  I thought about holding a tiny baby, dressing them up in super cute clothes, reading books together, baking cookies together.  Lots of kisses, laughter, butterflies, rainbows :)  Not the hard stuff.  The hard stuff makes it better though I think.  Every time I cross one of these milestones and succeed, I feel like I make a difference.  Today I helped my daughter fall asleep in a big bed.  It's a big deal.
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