Wednesday, November 6, 2013


I just love Halloween.  I don't know what to say about it that I haven't already said, but just know that to me it is the most magical day of the year.  This year lived up to expectations.  In the morning I drew a bunch of Halloween pictures with sharpie and we colored together.  We made pumpkin-shaped sugar cookies using this recipe (it's my favorite for thick, fluffy sugar cookies), and after Olivia's nap we put on the girls' costumes went down to visit both grandmas in Provo.  That evening before we went trick-or-treating we painted pumpkins and ate our frosted cookies while watching Hotel Transylvania.  We had one of my favorite experiences ever trick-or-treating.  Last year we didn't go because Liv was too young, and we got several trick-or-treaters at our door; but this year when we trooped out into the driveway, Berlin in stroller, Olivia with bucket in hand, the street was teeming with families!  Crowds of little kids ran from door to door and adults stood on the sidewalks talking.  We quickly fell into step with some friends.  On the first three houses, Olivia tried to go in.  She didn't understand why we would knock on a door, take a piece of candy, and then just leave (it does sound pretty impolite).  Before long she got the hang of it though, and sounded so cute saying "Trick Treeeee!"  She liked doing it with the other kids too, and would patiently wait her turn to pick out a candy.  We had read the Little Critter Halloween book several times, where they say "Happy Halloween" a lot, and a few times at doors I could hear Olivia mumble "Happy Howeee" upon leaving. :)

The day before, we had pumpkin bars and a sundae before going to Cornbelly's

 A couple of months ago I pulled up a bunch of photos of princess costumes, a Jessie the cowgirl costume, and a Buzz Lightyear costume and asked Olivia to pick one to dress up in.  She picked Buzz. I wasn't surprised, he is her favorite Disney character.  It was funny the day though to see how many people thought she was a boy!  When we went to see Jack's mom at work, some of her co-workers asked if she was her grandson haha.  Berlin was a mouse.  It looked like the most comfortable costume ever, all soft and warm.

 Partway through the night Liv stopped to rest and sample some of her candy
 Baby was content to sit in the stroller and observe the festivities
 She was pretty happy with her haul (this doesn't look like much because she probably ate half of it in-transit between houses).  We put her to bed and put the rest away to distribute in the coming weeks
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