Wednesday, December 11, 2013

27 years old

I was scared of 26 because it was the downhill after 25 that put me closer to 30 :) I didn't mind turning 27 at all though.  I'm loving where I am in life, and 27 seems to suit my status.  It's comfortable.  "I'm twenty-seven."  I don't mind saying it at all.  My life is on course and I'm happy.  Each year gets more and more beautiful and I am doing exactly what I want to be doing and just enjoying the blessings God has (for some reason) seen fit to shower me with.  I love 27.  I already know it will be my best year yet.

I slept in while Jack manned the littles.  I ate breakfast and then opened my gifts.  He spoiled me so much.  He got me a guitar.  I'm so excited about it and also scared of it.  Scared of it because: first, I want so badly to play well.  If I could have one wish for new talent, it would be to play the guitar well. The second reason is because while I was tuning it for the first time, a string snapped!  It was terrifying!  It was so loud and could have, like, taken out my eye!  I replaced it and then put the instrument away for a day until I could build up my courage enough to try tuning it again.  Eyes narrowed to slits this time.  I looked up the basic chords online, it felt so unnatural placing my fingers!  I took piano lessons for about 5 years and I'm not sure yet if that will help me (knowing the names of the notes and such) or hinder me (they are in a different order! And you have to play a chord instead of just one note! I think...)

I took a long hot bath and read my new book (Gone Girl, another birthday gift).  During the girls' naps we ate takeout (5 Guys) and watched New Girl.  In the afternoon I did some shopping while Jack watched the girls, then I relaxed and drank soda in bed while playing with my new Ipad mini (another birthday gift), and that evening we all got dressed up for my little sister, Brittain, to come take a family picture.  Olivia actually stood by us for the picture and didn't cry!  I guess that was her gift to me :)  Brittain watched the girls while Jack and I had a nice dinner at Market Street Grill and then saw Catching Fire.  Top the night off with a back rub and chocolate birthday cake, and there it was.  A perfect day.

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