Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Olivia Kimber- 2.5 years

Olivia is now two-and-a-half!  I'm so bad at writing down the cute or hilarious things she does every day, I really need to do better.  Luckily I'm able to use this blog as a journal to keep track of all of her milestones and stages.  She is at such a fun age.  She is so observant and has opinions about everything.  She is doing much better at minding and even has her own chores that she is always willing to do.

She is 34 pounds, 40.5 inches, and wears a 4t in clothes and an 8 in shoes.

Olivia hates to sit in grocery carts or strollers and demands to walk everywhere.  We always tell her that she may walk in crowded places as long as she will hold one of our hands or the cart.  She does pretty well at this.

She still loves to run, jump, climb on anything and everything.  I'm really amazed at how agile and coordinated she is, she rarely has an accident or gets hurt!  The one clumsy thing she can't she does is, in crowded areas she doesn't look where she is going.  She looks at the ground and often runs into people.  When this happens she says "Saw-yeee!" and goes on her way

She hates time-out because it means she has to sit still on a chair, and she will do anything to avoid it.  It has become quite the effective punishment because of how much she dislikes it.  We rarely have to use it though, she will usually mind after counting to three, and she hardly ever hurts someone on purpose and is quick to say "saw-yee"

She loves her baby sister and is so great with her.  When Berlin cries, Olivia is right there with a toy or binky to help her feel better.  Olivia calls her "Bay" and always says "Hi Bay!" or "It's otay Bay."  Liv gets so excited when Berlin learns something new (like grabbing a toy or sitting up).

The other day Berlin started saying "Dadadada" in the car, and Olivia said "Dada!  Bay say Dada!" It was the cutest thing how excited she got.  Now whenever Berlin babbles dadada, Liv gets excited.

Liv has a crazy bad temper when she can't get something right or when something won't do what she wants it to.  Especially when she is tired.  Sometimes she gets so worked up crying and screaming that she can't calm down.  When she gets to this point I ask if she wants to 'tick tock' and she climbs into my lap and puts her arms around my neck.  We rock from side to side and I say "tick...tock...tick...tock."  The slow rhythm and repetition helps calm her down, and when she starts saying it with me I know she has gotten over her tantrum.  When she has gone completely quiet she climbs out of my lap and goes about her business. It's so sweet and works every time.

Olivia loves sweets just like her mom.  I limit how much sugar she can have, and Jack makes sure to ask me how much she has had before he gives her something so that we are on the same page.  She LOVES the sugar cookies at Slurp and calls them "Peent tooties" (pink cookies).  The other day we were out running errands and Jack dropped me off to run inside a store by myself real quick.  As soon as I left, Olivia said "Dad, peent tootie?"  and Jack said, "we'd better ask Mama."  At this point Olivia said slyly "No Mama...Daddy and Wivi (Livi) peent tooties."  She wanted him to sneak away and they two of them get cookies without me knowing!  Little minx :) Jack was laughing so hard

She calls candy or treats "peedow"  and fish "Seebee"

When we say "I love you" she will say it back, and lately says it about other things she loves.  The other day I said "do you like peedow?" and she said "No Mama.  I luh peedow"

If someone has something she wants she'll say "Where's my toy/peedow/tootie?  Where's Wivi's?"

A few weeks ago Olivia watched Lady and the Tramp.  The other night I made spaghetti for dinner and while she was eating she called me over.  She then grabbed my arm to pull me in close, put one end of a noodle in my mouth and the other in hers, then worked her way in for a kiss :-*

Jack bought her playdough for the first time the other day and she LOVED it.  I helped her build things for a while and then was keeping a pretty close eye on her while I did the dishes to make sure she didn't grind it into the carpet or try to eat it or anything, but after a while with no incident I grew too lax in my observance.  She started crying and I went to investigate the situation.  She had stuck some up her nose!  I tried to clear it out with my finger and had her blow, which produced a small piece and I thought that was the end of it.  She told me it still hurt so I put a finger over her other nostril and told her to blow hard like she was blowing her nose (luckily she had had a mild runny nose that week and so had plenty of practice).  A huge glob shot right out (lubed by the runny-nosedness) and she was all clear.  It was the first time she had tried to put anything up there, and I'm pretty sure it will be the last thanks to how much the salty dough stung her nasal cavity.  We got very lucky!

She loves her cousins, they are her best friends.  If we are trying to get her in the car to meet up with family, all we have to do is tell her that Jaden, Natalie, or Banner will be there and she runs out and gets in her car seat.

Olivia can count to ten (one, two fee, fo, five, sits, nine, ten, eight, seben!), knows all of her colors,  shapes, and can identify any animal and make it's sound. She can complete patterns most of the time, and has also written the first half of her name a few times but will not do it on command.  She is crazy good at the puzzle app on her ipad, and is getting better and better at the letter-writing one.  She can also sort by category and build fantastic Lego buildings and towers.

Her favorite animal is an elephant

Here are her favorite songs:
Row, row, row your Boat
I am a Child of God
Jesus Wants me for a Sunbeam
Twinkle Twinkle
Under the Sea
Shalala (Kiss the Girl)

Here are her favorite foods:
frozen blueberries
toast with butter and jam
basically any fruit
whipped cream
peanut butter and honey sandwiches

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