Thursday, January 2, 2014

three great articles

The holidays are over and I have a Christmas and New Year's post in the works!  But first, I read these a couple of weeks ago and thought I would share them!

How to Raise a Low Media Child

This low-media one especially resonated with me over this looong winter when Olivia is stuck inside most of the time and I have to really make sure her screen time doesn't go long and that we interact and be creative and imaginative as much as possible.  I took the advice of the article and took most of her toys to store in the garage to cycle through, leaving only two sets of toys inside to choose from (her dollies and accessories, and her Lego Duplos).  She played for hours with just those two sets.  It totally made sense that her attention was too divided with so many toys, preventing her from playing with just one of them for a prolonged period of time and causing her to get bored with all of them quickly and ask to watch a movie or work on her ipad apps.  We did the same thing when she got her Christmas gifts.  We left all of them out for two days and then decided which ones to put away for a while to let her focus on just a couple of them and get the full amount of play out of them.  Another thing I try to do is, when I have some free time while Olivia is playing by herself, instead of pulling out my laptop or phone I'll read my book instead.  Then she she isn't tempted to come look at my screen or ask for hers, but sees me reading and hopefully it sets a good example.

Here are some good links for play that doesn't include media:

The article below is great because it offers ideas that I hadn't thought about.  Olivia can get very frustrated when she is playing and something won't do what she wants it to do (the toy won't fit in the bag, the dolly won't sit up, etc.) and it's hard for me not to rush over and help her and prevent the ensuing tantrum.  I need to just let her figure it out for herself so that she learns to do things on her own and control her emotions.

Ten Ways to Build your Child's Self-Esteem

This next one is fantastic because before reading this article I had never thought about raising my child to be a good spouse, but if you think about it, there are few things you can do to set your child up for happiness more than teaching him/her to be a good spouse.  Being a good spouse creates having a good spouse and a happy marriage.

Raise a Good Future Spouse
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