Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Us Circus Folk

Jack's sister, Pam, invited us to the Jordan circus a few days ago in Farmington (they are a traveling circus and have been in several cities.  We didn't think Berlin would be entertained by it for 2 hours so we left her home with my sister and just took Olivia.  We stopped at The Habit first to eat burgers (if you haven't eaten there, you should.  Their burgers are amazing.)  And then went to the Legacy Expo Center.  Tickets were $18 for adults, kids 3 and under were free, and everything inside was super cheap! (Usually at things like this they jack up the inside prices because they know people will pay for drinks and stuff)  I got Olivia a blow-up monkey hanging from a stick for only $5.  We got drinks and fruit snacks for only $1 each, and cotton candy for $5.  They also had tons of light-up toys, snow cones, popcorn, nachos, etc.  It was an old-fashioned, dirt-floored, traditional 3-ring circus; with a ringmaster tigers, clowns, elephants, a zebra, horses, dogs, a camel, a llama, a trapeze artist, rope climbers, a whole family of motorcyclists, and a guy being shot from a cannon.  During intermission we paid $10 for Olivia to ride an elephant around the ring!  She loves elephants, but I think she was a little nervous about it because she was so serious.  She wouldn't look at the camera, smile, or even move.  It was pretty cute and such a cool experience for her!  The next day when we were discussing the circus she said "Wivi rode the UhhFuh!"  ("Livi rode the Elephant!")

It might have been kind of a corny production.  There was a big metal thing in the way of the center ring that they later used for a daredevil act.  The performers often had to do their tricks over because they messed up, the animals missed their cues a lot, and there was a magic act that took a lot longer than it should have....But once I stopped fretting about the captivity of wild animals, I loved the whole thing though.  I would love staring at a cardboard box for 2 hours if it brought Olivia joy.  I loved looking at her watching the different acts with an expression of awe.  She laughed at the animal tricks, clapped when each act was over, and pointed and yelled every time we saw the next animal act walk out in the background.  She was in love with her little blow up monkey and wanted to spend the whole intermission walking him up and down the walkway.  At one point as I was watching Jack holding Olivia in line to get on the elephant I thought I'm going to revisit this moment.  Someday when Olivia is a teenager we will talk about when she was little and we took her to the circus and she rode the elephant.  The memory of her excited little two-year-old face will be faded in my mind, but it will still be there.  I took a mental picture.  And a few actual pictures ;)

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