Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Vegas Baby!

When I was 20 and Jack was 24, we met on Myspace.  We talked on the phone for a couple of months and became great friends and then he drove from Costa Mesa, CA where he was selling alarm systems, and I drove from St George where I was going to Dixie College, and we met face-to-face in the lobby of the Wynn hotel and went on our first date.  Fast forward 7 years, a wedding, and two baby girls later, and we were back at that same lobby celebrating 4 years of marriage.  We had a fantastic weekend, just the two of us and some much-needed alone time.

Here's Jack and a lucky random girl who made it into this nostalgic photo.  She was the first in a series of photobombers from our romantic getaway.  Everyone just wants to be us.  Too bad.  
We had lunch at the buffet at the Wynn (notice photobomber #2 slyly pretending to be on his phone.  We're onto you, sneaky p-bomber).  If you were wondering if I'm a vegetarian, the following photo gives a pretty clear indication.  I'm pretty sure I got my money's worth and also gained 3 pounds in meat-weight. 

 We stayed at the Venetian, and honestly it was one of my favorite rooms we've ever stayed in!  I loved the two levels, the 3 TVs, and the huge bathroom (we watched the SAGs from the tub!).  It also had a great view of the strip.  I hate having to walk through the casino in Vegas hotels though.  I was still getting over a cold (which may have been bronchitis), and the smoke irritated my already sensitive lungs and sent me into coughing fits every time we had to walk through.  I felt overly dramatic.  

We walked up the strip to an amaaaazing dinner at an Italian restaurant called Maggiano's (recommended by the Riches).  Should we talk for a minute about how I only took crappy phone pics on this trip?  Or of everything now?  My poor Nikon is gathering dust in the closet as I slowly become the lazy queen of "good enough."  And apparently I can't even be bothered to hold my hand still while snapping a picture with my phone...
Jack loves magic shows (in the most attractive way possible, if that even exists) and for Christmas I got him front-row tickets to Penn and Teller.  The show was a blast.  I'm sure it was not a blast for Jack to hear me whispering every possible solution for how they could have done the tricks- none of the solutions involving actual magic ("I see the string on the ball!  See it?!  It's right there!  There!  Now it's there!)  Honestly though, there was some pretty amazing stuff (that even my brilliant mind could not ascertain) and I'd recommend seeing the show.  They even involved us in a couple of the acts!  They had us check the bullets in a gun in one trick and in another I got to stand up and hold a cone while Teller turned a cloth into confetti. I sweated a lot.  

Below is Bomber #3. Top left. This sly dog is pretending to be taking photos when in fact he is just trying to get into ours.  Maybe because he knew I'd be the amazing girl who held the cone in the confetti trick..

We had a gorgeous romantic night in our room and the next morning ate at Hash House a Go Go, a favorite of ours that I highly recommend, and then made the cursory stop at Gold and Silver Pawn (Pawn Stars, anyone?) before heading back up to Utah.  A wonderful milestone with my most wonderful guy.

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