Saturday, February 15, 2014

Vday recap

Jack played with the girls and got them ready while I slept in and took a long bath.  We explained to Livi that it was Valentine's day and then gave her the treat she had picked out at the store the day before.  She was really excited and spent the rest of the day wishing us "Happy Birthday." At random intervals she would burst into the happy birthday song and then say "Happy Berday Mama!  Happy Berday Dada!"  I think she was a little confused, but it was too cute for us to correct her....after the 3rd or 4th time trying.

I got Jack a red North Face jacket that looks oh-so-sexy on him.  He got me a stunning Fossil watch (okay, okay we picked out our own gifts.)  We ran some flowers and chocolates to Jack's mom at work, then dropped the girls off at my mom's with some small gifts for my mom, her husband, and my sisters.

We had a nice long lunch at Outback (wedge salad!!) and walked around the mall for a while.  It was so nice to stroll hand-in-hand, instead of being dragged straight into the Disney store by Liv and then having to haul her out kicking and screaming.

We brought the girls home for their naps and had a nice couple of hours together.  Jack gave me a bouquet of poppies that he had special-ordered (they aren't in season), and I gave him this Q&A journal that documents our answers about certain things for 3 years.  I think it will be pretty fun to fill out! We took Olivia to Jack's mom's in the evening so she could play with her best friend, her cousin Natalie.  Jack, Berlin, and I ate at Bam Bam's BBQ in Orem.  You must try it, they have the best brisket I've ever eaten.

After the girls went to bed, we watched a movie and started filling out our journal. It was a wonderful Valentine's Day together.  I love my husband so much and every holiday spent with him is just amazing.
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