Thursday, March 27, 2014

Family Photos

We're getting pictures taken tomorrow and I can't decide on a clothing combo.  I had us all matching in reds, blues, and greys, with sandals and flutter-sleeves on the girls, but had to switch things up because of the cold weather that keeps hitting us so I'll be in a sweater or jacket and had to choose shirts that the girl's could wear long sleeves under.  I pictured springy-warm pictures with sunshine and flowers on the trees, but we may get cold overcast weather with bare trees and dead grass.  I don't want to be too matchy-matchy, but still coordinate.  So I'm set on Jack and Olivia's shirts, but Berlin and I are still a little up in the air.  I think I'll post on Insta and FB and see what people think...

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Saturday Afternoon

Olivia doesn't nap anymore, but loves still has "quiet time" in her room.  She loves to pile her books around her and go through them, one by one.  I love how into books she is lately.  She is so cute when she follows the lines with her finger and pretends to read.  Berlin always looks like an angel when she sleeps, with that ivory skin and dark hair.  I love when she wakes up and I get to bury my nose in her warm neck, kiss her cheeks that are pink with sleep, and inhale her sweet baby smell.  Today while the girls are in their rooms, Jack and I are catching up on episodes of Shark Tank.  It's so fun watching it with such a savvy business man ;) I love his insights and he gets all of the talk about percentages and value a lot better than I do.  I only pretend to keep up with the conversations we have while we watch  "Oh, I totally agree that the market is not ready for such a product....No, you're right.  $250,000 is way too high for 10%"  :)  He's such a hottie.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Olivia Kimber- almost 3

Ohhhhh my little Livi.  This girl.  The old adage is wrong, the two's are's the THREE'S I'm terrified of.  The terrifying three's (are there supposed to be apostrophes in all those numbers? idk).  She stopped taking naps altogether (I still make her have "quiet time" in her room every day, which helps her unwind and reset a little).  She is soooo emotional right now.  This girl doesn't just wear her heart on her sleeve, she chucks it at you.  Then picks it up and chucks it again.  Then spits on you.  She screams and cries about everything, refuses to mind, does what she pleases, will not poop in the potty, needs 1,000 hugs before bed, and has started attempting to insult me when I tell her no.  Here are my favorite insults so far:

"Mama, you are NOT a princess!"
"Mama, you are not a friend!"
"Mama's not nice, Mama is mean!"
"No Mama.  Just Wivi, Dada, and Bay."  (I'm assuming this one means I'm excluded from the family).
"Mama, you are not playing with the animals!"  (this last one is a threat that I will be banned from playing with her favorite toy, her little plastic animals.)

This girl also makes me smile, laugh, and be grateful every day.  She loves to sing and learn new songs.  She can belt out the Frozen soundtrack like nobody's business.  She loves making Berlin laugh and takes every opportunity to give her baby sister hugs and kisses.  She loves when the four of us are sitting anywhere together and will engage us in a "big hug." She loves to jump on the trampoline and be outside, is a tough cookie and gets over owies quickly.  She likes to be silly and is so entertaining, loves her best friends and asks about them every day, and is doing better and better sitting through sacrament meeting every week.  For as many rough spots as she brings to my day, she adds twice as many bright spots.  We love our Livi and wouldn't change her for anything.

Monday, March 10, 2014

My New Swimsuit!

I just got the AWESOMEST tankini and I wanted to share :D  I haven't gotten a new swimsuit since before I had Olivia.  In high school and college it was much easier finding a suit that I felt confident and comfortable in.  Before I had kids I was able to focus on my body so much more.  It sounds silly now how much free time I had to focus on how I looked.  Do you ever think "what did I do before I had kids?"  I worked on my appearance a lot more, that's for darn sure. I laid out to get tan, I worked out, I watched what I ate, I shaved my legs more than once a week, I was on my feet all the time waiting tables... Gone are the days when I had that kind of time or focus.  I've never been super confident about my body, but having babies has made it pretty much unrecognizable to me!  I knew that I would gain and lose weight, but never counted on getting a whole different shape.  Things that used to be smaller became bigger and things that were bigger have gotten smaller.  It's not a bad thing, and It's a lot harder to be negative about my body now that I have seen what it can do; I have become extremely grateful for my body.  It does make finding a swimsuit that I'm thrilled with almost impossible though.  BUT I did it!  The even bigger miracle is that I found it at Costco when we were hauling both girls around.  Jack took Olivia out to the car, I sorted through the rack with Berlin on my hip, pulled it down, took it up front, and bought it without even trying it on!  Once we were at home I crossed my fingers and squeezed into it.  It looked and fit like it was made for me!  Home run.
  And no, I will not post a photo of me in the least until I get some sun on this pasty exterior.  No suit could make me that comfortable. Also, I realize that Costco is a favorite shopping place of my friends and family.  Consider this post 'dibs' on this suit.  If you show up to a function wearing the same swimsuit as me I will kill you.
Hahaha! ...but seriously.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Oakley Berlin- 9 Months

Ber looks like a martyr because she was teething and cranky and didn't want to take pictures

Our baby is 9 months old!  Haha I can't believe she is already at this point!

Especially because she has been heeding my request that she not grow up.  Case in point:
-She is not interested in crawling.  If she wants to move around, she rolls.  I wouldn't be surprised if she went straight to walking.  She doesn't even like being on her stomach. Liv was a late crawler too, and took her first steps the night before her first birthday.
-She won't talk.  When I try to get her to say "Mama" she just smiles at me like I'm being silly.  What's super cute though is Olivia has started trying to get Berlin to say her name :) "Say Wivi!  Bay, say Wivi!"
-Berlin has no teeth!  9 months old and no teeth.  I don't mind, it makes nursing much more comfortable.  Once again, Olivia got her teeth late too.  Our babies follow the same trends I guess.

She is still sooo clingy and just loves to be held.  When we are playing on the floor she has to be in my lap, not just next to it.  She is a Mama's girl, but also loves her dad so much and most of the time likes to go to him too.

Berlin loves solid food.  She has always been neither here nor there for breastfeeding (which is interesting, considering how much she likes to be held), but when it comes to solids she can put. it. away.  This girl could eat more than me if I let her.  She loves anything.  I've been making homemade whole-wheat bread a lot more often now because it has become an easy, healthy, unprocessed snack for her.  I make whole-wheat banana applesauce waffles and then freeze the sections to thaw for snacks.  She also has bananas, peeled and sliced grapes, soft zucchini, cereal, yogurt, cheese, and baby foods.  She is still pretty limited since she has no teeth.

She takes a nap every morning from 9 to 11, an afternoon nap from 1 to 3, and then sleeps the whole night without waking from 7 to 7.  She goes to sleep extremely well and without a fuss.

She loves her binky and reaches for it when she is sad (aka any time I put her down).  Her pediatrician recommends weaning her as soon as she hits a year for dental purposes and security/self soothing purposes and I'm not looking forward to it.  I'm sure she'll be good about it though and after a couple of tough nights she'll be totally fine.

She is still so serious, but always has a smile ready.  She is very smart, catches onto things quickly, and can read emotions.  She started pulling hair like it was a game and would laugh (especially Livi's), but after a few times of gently telling her no no and opening her hand she learned not to.  She sometimes still can't help herself with Olivia's though.  It's a small payback for all of the heckling Liv gives  her.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

What the H we have been up to

(It's a super long post, so I included a page-break.  Make sure to click 'Read More' to see all of it)

I haven't been posting much lately and I know you're all dying to be updated on my glamorous life...HA!!  It has been much of the same-old.  Usually by Feb I'm dying for winter to be over, but I have actually enjoyed these last of the cold, rainy days inside with my girls.  We've implemented a new storage system for the majority Olivia's toys that has been kind of fun. I should actually say JACK implemented it.  He is the King of Organization.  Liv is allowed to go pick out one box of toys at a time and must clean them up before going to select a different box.  It has been entertaining for her and has kept our living room muuuuch cleaner.  Her art supplies and books are obviously not in here and we still have bins in the garage for some of her other toys, but this has been super convenient.
Our Young Women's group went to do baptisms at the temple and we had to wait 2 hours!! Good 'ol Utah temples... It was still so fun though, I love the girls in our ward, and I serve with the most AMAZING presidency.  We had a great time chatting while we waited.
 Jack and I took the girls to the Gateway Children's Museum, and Olivia loved it.  It was my first time going and it was actually pretty neat!
 My mom came and visited and entertained the girls with games, gymnastics, and whistling with her hands.  
The girls played 'grab each other's nose' while I tried to get a good picture of them with Jack
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