Monday, March 10, 2014

My New Swimsuit!

I just got the AWESOMEST tankini and I wanted to share :D  I haven't gotten a new swimsuit since before I had Olivia.  In high school and college it was much easier finding a suit that I felt confident and comfortable in.  Before I had kids I was able to focus on my body so much more.  It sounds silly now how much free time I had to focus on how I looked.  Do you ever think "what did I do before I had kids?"  I worked on my appearance a lot more, that's for darn sure. I laid out to get tan, I worked out, I watched what I ate, I shaved my legs more than once a week, I was on my feet all the time waiting tables... Gone are the days when I had that kind of time or focus.  I've never been super confident about my body, but having babies has made it pretty much unrecognizable to me!  I knew that I would gain and lose weight, but never counted on getting a whole different shape.  Things that used to be smaller became bigger and things that were bigger have gotten smaller.  It's not a bad thing, and It's a lot harder to be negative about my body now that I have seen what it can do; I have become extremely grateful for my body.  It does make finding a swimsuit that I'm thrilled with almost impossible though.  BUT I did it!  The even bigger miracle is that I found it at Costco when we were hauling both girls around.  Jack took Olivia out to the car, I sorted through the rack with Berlin on my hip, pulled it down, took it up front, and bought it without even trying it on!  Once we were at home I crossed my fingers and squeezed into it.  It looked and fit like it was made for me!  Home run.
  And no, I will not post a photo of me in the least until I get some sun on this pasty exterior.  No suit could make me that comfortable. Also, I realize that Costco is a favorite shopping place of my friends and family.  Consider this post 'dibs' on this suit.  If you show up to a function wearing the same swimsuit as me I will kill you.
Hahaha! ...but seriously.
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