Friday, March 21, 2014

Olivia Kimber- almost 3

Ohhhhh my little Livi.  This girl.  The old adage is wrong, the two's are's the THREE'S I'm terrified of.  The terrifying three's (are there supposed to be apostrophes in all those numbers? idk).  She stopped taking naps altogether (I still make her have "quiet time" in her room every day, which helps her unwind and reset a little).  She is soooo emotional right now.  This girl doesn't just wear her heart on her sleeve, she chucks it at you.  Then picks it up and chucks it again.  Then spits on you.  She screams and cries about everything, refuses to mind, does what she pleases, will not poop in the potty, needs 1,000 hugs before bed, and has started attempting to insult me when I tell her no.  Here are my favorite insults so far:

"Mama, you are NOT a princess!"
"Mama, you are not a friend!"
"Mama's not nice, Mama is mean!"
"No Mama.  Just Wivi, Dada, and Bay."  (I'm assuming this one means I'm excluded from the family).
"Mama, you are not playing with the animals!"  (this last one is a threat that I will be banned from playing with her favorite toy, her little plastic animals.)

This girl also makes me smile, laugh, and be grateful every day.  She loves to sing and learn new songs.  She can belt out the Frozen soundtrack like nobody's business.  She loves making Berlin laugh and takes every opportunity to give her baby sister hugs and kisses.  She loves when the four of us are sitting anywhere together and will engage us in a "big hug." She loves to jump on the trampoline and be outside, is a tough cookie and gets over owies quickly.  She likes to be silly and is so entertaining, loves her best friends and asks about them every day, and is doing better and better sitting through sacrament meeting every week.  For as many rough spots as she brings to my day, she adds twice as many bright spots.  We love our Livi and wouldn't change her for anything.
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