Saturday, March 22, 2014

Saturday Afternoon

Olivia doesn't nap anymore, but loves still has "quiet time" in her room.  She loves to pile her books around her and go through them, one by one.  I love how into books she is lately.  She is so cute when she follows the lines with her finger and pretends to read.  Berlin always looks like an angel when she sleeps, with that ivory skin and dark hair.  I love when she wakes up and I get to bury my nose in her warm neck, kiss her cheeks that are pink with sleep, and inhale her sweet baby smell.  Today while the girls are in their rooms, Jack and I are catching up on episodes of Shark Tank.  It's so fun watching it with such a savvy business man ;) I love his insights and he gets all of the talk about percentages and value a lot better than I do.  I only pretend to keep up with the conversations we have while we watch  "Oh, I totally agree that the market is not ready for such a product....No, you're right.  $250,000 is way too high for 10%"  :)  He's such a hottie.

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