Saturday, March 1, 2014

What the H we have been up to

(It's a super long post, so I included a page-break.  Make sure to click 'Read More' to see all of it)

I haven't been posting much lately and I know you're all dying to be updated on my glamorous life...HA!!  It has been much of the same-old.  Usually by Feb I'm dying for winter to be over, but I have actually enjoyed these last of the cold, rainy days inside with my girls.  We've implemented a new storage system for the majority Olivia's toys that has been kind of fun. I should actually say JACK implemented it.  He is the King of Organization.  Liv is allowed to go pick out one box of toys at a time and must clean them up before going to select a different box.  It has been entertaining for her and has kept our living room muuuuch cleaner.  Her art supplies and books are obviously not in here and we still have bins in the garage for some of her other toys, but this has been super convenient.
Our Young Women's group went to do baptisms at the temple and we had to wait 2 hours!! Good 'ol Utah temples... It was still so fun though, I love the girls in our ward, and I serve with the most AMAZING presidency.  We had a great time chatting while we waited.
 Jack and I took the girls to the Gateway Children's Museum, and Olivia loved it.  It was my first time going and it was actually pretty neat!
 My mom came and visited and entertained the girls with games, gymnastics, and whistling with her hands.  
The girls played 'grab each other's nose' while I tried to get a good picture of them with Jack

 Olivia ate holes in her quesadilla and then put it on her face and said "look Ma!  Take a picture! Rawwrrr!"
 Saturday morning whole wheat banana belgium waffles with strawberries.  I made tons extra to freeze in sections for snacks for Berlin
 Aaaaand it's embarrassing how often we go to the Waffluv truck.  It's heaven in the form of a waffle, Nutella, and cream
 I got Olivia to smile for a picture
 I am slowly and surely learning guitar chords during the girls' naps
 I got them matching swimsuits and died from all of the cuteness.  I then came back to life, took a photo, and we went for a swim at the Lehi Legacy Center.  Berlin loved it and was so cute and content, kicking in the water.  Olivia decided she had hypothermia and determined to act like she was barely surviving it.  We thought a trip down the big slide would help, I made Jack carry her up sobbing because I'm trying not to raise wimpy kids.  The first time he didn't hold her up enough and she dunked under the water and came up sputtering.  The second time she hit her head on the slide while going down, and the third time a wave came up and hit her in the face.  I didn't make her go again (my cruelty does have limitations).  She loved wrapping in a warm towel though and eating snacks at the tables afterwards.
 We made a couple of trips to the park.  If you have never been to Discovery Park in Pleasant Grove you are missing out.  It's one of the coolest parks I've been to.
 The girls actually shared a toy. It was a miracle.
 Jack acted on the traditional "give your baby his or her first lemon or lime and sit back and laugh at them."  She disappointed us by loving it and reaching for another :(
 Olivia only takes a nap about once a week, but I still make her have quiet time in her room so I can have a break.  It's so entertaining to watch her on the monitor. Sometimes she strips down and dances naked, sometimes she does acrobatics on her rocking chair, sometimes she tells stories or sings. Upon review of this photo I surmised that the reason she isn't sleeping could be the 1,001 toys and books holding her attention and taking up space in her bed.  I rectified that and she took a nap the next day.
 I made cupcakes for my friend Tawni's baby shower. I can confidently say it's the hardest trial Olivia has ever been through, having those cupcakes sitting on the counter for 3 hours and not being able to touch or eat them.
 Berlin discovered the joys of tearing apart tissues
 She pulled down every bottle from under my sink and then I could hear her breathing heavily like she had just run a marathon.  A baby's work is never done.
 Liv and Jack matched on Sunday.  I LOVE this photo of her.  She's smiling for the camera again! One can only hope this is the beginning of a new, camera-loving, era.
 Berlin experienced a swing for the first time.  She wasn't sure what was going on and held perfectly still, lest she fall out.
Also, I found this picture of my brother.  It's not recent, but he never smiles in pictures so I thought I'd document his handsome-ness (FYI he's single, ladies...)

And that is our past couple of weeks!  Is anyone as excited as me for OSCAR NIGHT 2014 tomorrow??!! Probably not.  Jack and I have seen all but one of the Best Picture nominees The one we snubbed was Wolf of Wall Street.  Because who needs to hear 400+  F words or see male genitalia?  Not me. I also never thought I'd be typing the word genitalia on my blog but there's a first time for everything.  Except Jack having the winning Oscar ballot tomorrow night.  There will never be a first time for that.  (He'll try to tell you he won last year, just turn a deaf ear).

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