Sunday, April 13, 2014

Bijou Outing

Every year a collection of artsy vendors get together and sell their wares at what is called the Bijou Market in Provo.  There is always the cutest array of stuff there.  Jack and I stopped by two years ago and have kind of made it a tradition (one I am kind of surprised he has wanted to carry on.)  This year we took the girls and I picked up a cute jersey headband for Berlin and some earrings for me.  I'm still having buyer's regret over not getting a gorgeous print I saw, but I have the sellers info for when we move into our new house and I have a craft room again to hang it in (Oh yeah... we are looking to build or buy in the next year or so! Pretty exciting.)  After the market, the four of us strolled down Center St in Provo, stopped by Jack's old stomping ground, Los Hermanos, for some chips, queso, and a beef quesadilla, and then went to the City Hall.  There is an amazing old tree there and lots of room to run for Olivia.  What a great afternoon, and honestly the first day of really warm weather this year.  I'm excited for summer, but haven't at all been eager for winter to be over.  It's crazy how much I have come to love Northern Utah winters.

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