Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter Weekend

We had SUCH an amazing weekend spent in Park City with friends!  First of all, if you haven't seen the Easter video "Because of Him", you should.  It's pretty great.  Last week I brought my laptop to our Young Women's mutual activity and we watched it and then colored eggs.  We talked about the Savior's sacrifice for us and how Easter eggs represent the tomb Christ was placed in after his crucifixion and how, just like a chick being born, the egg represents new life and fresh starts because of the Atonement.  Apparently, the video reached 2.5 million views in only a couple of days!  Pretty amazing.  Also, all of the BecauseOfHim hastags and trends were so neat to see and participate in.  The reason for Easter was really apparent this year :)

Jack and I were able to get 4 suites at the Hotel Park City through our business, and our friends were somehow able to all drive up the same weekend!  It has been an especially busy past couple of weeks for Jack with work and I was ready for a break from the girls.  For the past few years, Jack and I have gone on our big yearly vacation in the spring (Remember Hawaii last year?!  2012 was San Francisco, 2011 was Cali, and 2010 was Europe).  This year we booked a trip to New York City and DC for the fall instead, so this weekend was a welcome little respite when we usually need it.  We picked Tasha and Jordan up from his sister's house Saturday morning and made the beautiful drive up to Park City.  We hit the outlets for a little while and then when Kassie and Eric were done snowboarding up there the 6 of us ate at Loco Lizard, a great little cantina we like by the outlets.  Clar and Tracy had eaten right off of their flight so they stayed at the outlets longer.  We did some more shopping, then went and checked into our rooms.  Remember, this is the same place we stayed for Jack's 31st birthday.  Each building has 4 suites in it, which meant that our group had a whole building to ourselves! We each took some time with our spouses in our separate rooms and then met back up before dinner.

Jack and I met up with Kassie and Eric and walked down the path to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse (the other 4 went to a thai place).  The food was aaaamazing!  Jack got the ribeye, which was the best steak I've ever had.  I didn't think there could be a better cut than the filet mignon, but I would definitely recommend the ribeye over the filet.  We also got calamari as an appetizer, and some great sides of cauliflower au gratin, mashed potatoes, hot bread, caesar salads, and then my favorite banana tart dessert.  Back at the rooms we took some more time as couples.  Jack and I read this talk together, by Brad Wilcox about the Atonement.  If you haven't read it, please do.  We then all got in one of the hot tubs together on the balcony.  We played games until late and ate tons of junk food.  Highlights of the game night include Tracy hiding up on the rafters of the living room and then throwing marshmallows at Jordan when he came in, Jack pretending a cotton ball was a marshmallow on a cookie and trying to feed it to Jordan (I'm not sure why Jord became the brunt of both jokes), and playing the sign game with everyone. If you haven't played the sign game with a funny group, you're missing out.  Everyone has their own sign and they have to pass and accept them from others around the circle and then one person in the middle tries to catch who has the sign at the moment.

On Sunday we slept in (!) and then dressed for church and packed up our things.  We attended a local ward for Easter Sunday and it was really neat to all be in church together.  On the way out we saw Elizabeth Smart in the foyer.  We had a great last lunch all together at Park City Pizza and Noodle where we all passed our meals around and took bites, then headed home.

 my haul from shopping
 Below are a few cute finds for Olivia.  Jack also got tons of new tees and shorts to accommodate his weight loss!

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