Thursday, April 17, 2014

I love having a baby in the house!

...In a way that I took for granted with Olivia.  I know now that these days are shorter than I realized and I will not be having an infinite amount of babies to enjoy! (Regrettably and thankfully ;)

I love the snuggles of a tiny body wanting to be held.

I love the whole family working hard for her little belly laughs.

I love the satiny-soft skin on squishy arm and leg rolls.

I love blowing on a poky tummy while changing diapers.

I love burying my face in her neck and inhaling sweet baby smell.

I love seeing my reflection in crystal-clear eyes.

I love watching for new milestones.

I love firsts.

I love fuzzy hair that blows in the breeze.

I love the peace of her sleeping in her room upstairs.

I love sweet milk breath.

I love wondering what she has seen and what she remembers from Heaven so short a time ago.

I love seeing parts of me and parts of Jack in one perfect little human.

I love seeing the joy on her face when I go into her room to get her in the morning or after a nap.

I love soothing tears and hurts.

I love chubby hands holding onto my clothes or hair.

I love nibbling toes so small that I can barely see toenails on the littlest one.

I love excitement over anything edible.

I love watching discovery and triumph over new things learned and accomplished.

I love drooly kisses.

I love gummy smiles.

I love packing her around everywhere I go.  A portable little buddy.

I love knowing I get to be her home for many more years.
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