Saturday, April 26, 2014

Olivia's Easter

Before Jack and I took off for Park City, we took Olivia to our neighborhood's Easter egg hunt.  Our friend, Amy, collects eggs from everyone attending before Saturday and then hides them all at our neighborhood's beautiful private park and ropes off the area.  We explained to Liv that the Easter Bunny had come to our park and hidden eggs for all of the kids.  At 9:30am Saturday, everyone shows up and the kids divide into an older and younger group.  The younger group is "under 3", but even though Liv won't be 3 for another month, we decided it would be a little unfair to put her with the toddlers and she could hold her own with the big kids.  She waited so patiently behind the line and then ran forward when the whistle was blown.  We had a big fire between our wooded area and the lake last week, so there was a section of charred ground in the corner of the egg area.  There were eggs hidden there as well as the grass and trees and none of the kids seemed to want to go in the burned-out section, but Liv trudged right in (In her white, patent-leather booties :/)  and scored all of the eggs in that area.  She was pretty polite though, and when she thought she had enough eggs for her needs (about 10), she stopped looking.  She sat down, popped open an egg, and exclaimed that there was a peedow inside!  She quickly opened all of the other eggs and was so excited. As we were walking back home she turned and shouted "Thanks Easter Bunny!"

When we got home from Park City on Sunday we hid Liv and Berlin's Easter toys and let Olivia find them.  Liv got a bin of farm animals to match her jungle animals and some little dollies with dogs you can feed and put clothes on.  Berlin got a drum full of little musical instruments.
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