Thursday, May 22, 2014

DSU Graduation

My little brother, Hunter, graduated from Dixie State a couple of weeks ago.  We went down to St George the night before, then had a great barbecue with family and friends the day of at my other brother Tony's house.  We attended the ceremony and watched Hunter walk and receive his diploma in Human Communications.  I'm so proud of him!  Even better, he moved up to Provo after graduating, so now we get to see more of him.  And hopefully he can find a rad girl up here.

Also, it was our first time in a hotel since Olivia switched to a toddler bed (which seems so weird for how much we travel, because she has been in one for several months!  But I guess Jack and I have made the past few trips without the girls, or just with Berlin).  We got a suite so we could put her in the living room on the pull-out bed.  We put pillows on the floor around the huge bed, Livi-proofed the room, which meant barricading the doors and making sure there was nothing she could climb on or break, did her bedtime routine, and went in to the bedroom area and shut the door.  We could hear her messing around for a little while, but then she climbed into the bed and fell right asleep!  It was a great experience!  We put Berlin in her pack n play in the big bathroom with a nightlight and sound machine, and then Jack and I ate take-out Pasta Factory and watched TV and were still able to have some quality time together on our little trip.  I was dying in the heat in Southern Utah though.  My blood must have thickened up here in the North, because I was so not used to it.  I remember it never being a big deal when I lived there (from age 6 to 20), but I am definitely not accustomed to it!  It felt good to get back to our cooler climate up here in Lehi.  

The drive down and back went smoothly also, we planned both the trip down and the trip back during Berlin's nap, so she was able to sleep for almost half of the drive each way.  I also have some baby noise-cancelling headphones that I threw in my car bag last minute and I think those really saved Berlin's naps, since she had to be near Olivia, who sometimes has a hard time being quiet.  I packed lots of books, toys, coloring stuff, etc. for both girls and when Ber started to get fussy, Jack climbed back between them and put a watched a movie on our Highlander's screen while entertaining the baby.  I was able to listen to music up front and drive, and it was so fantastic!  Definitely a good experience traveling with both girls. 
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