Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all of you Moms, future Moms, and Moms-at-heart!  Sunday is my usual day for sleeping in, so Jack gave me an extra day this week and I got to sleep in yesterday as well :)  He has basically been watching the girls for two days straight while I relax and recoup.  We took our annual Mother's Day trip to Kneaders yesterday with our good friends, the Watsons (for those of you who don't know, Kneaders gives out free french toast to Moms the Saturday morning before Mother's Day!), visited my mom and took her some goodies, and I bought some new sunglasses.  This morning I have done nothing but lounge about, watch The Pioneer Woman Cooks, read my book, and take a long bath.  Jack had to teach today in church, so he left with Olivia while I opted to stay here with Berlin instead of wrestling her by myself for the last two hours of church.  Yep, it's Mother's Day and I get to skip church.  You think you are judging me, but secretly you are jealous that you didn't think to skip church.  Maybe next year!

I really am just so grateful to have my two babies.  I try so hard never to take for granted the blessings of being able to carry, deliver, and raise my girls.  I am so grateful that Father in Heaven saw fit to bless me with the responsibility of the care of these two sweet spirits.  Not to mention an amazing partner to raise them with.  I take the job of raising and teaching them very seriously, to the point where it's almost ridiculous how much I stress about it.  But the truth is, they are the ones raising and teaching me.  I learn and grow so much every day while spending time with Olivia and Berlin.  Sometimes I feel on top of the world with successes, and sometimes I hurt because I feel like I am failing so miserably in my capacity as Mother, but all the while I can feel myself becoming more of what God would want me to be.  I have learned more about my own weaknesses in the past 3 years than the whole rest of my life.  I have improved upon my weaknesses more also.  I have grown so close to Christ that sometimes I feel like He has held my hand to help me through this process.  I know love like I never have before.  I know heartbreak and worry like I never have before.  I know joy like I never have before, and I have appreciated and loved Jack in a way that nothing else could have prepared me for, in watching him with our kids and relying on him as a co-parent and spouse.

On this day every year my heart goes out to those Mamas who haven't yet been able to have babies, but who want them.  I don't know what to say on a day like this, except that my heart and prayers are with you today.  My heart also goes out to those caring for babies that were not theirs in the beginning, but are taking on the role of Mom to give a child a better life.  Also, to those Moms who have to serve as a single parent to their kids.  I don't know how you do it.  My sister, Chandler, is one of my greatest heroes for the sacrifices she makes every day and hour for her little boy.  She has been putting herself through school while working full-time, and will be starting at the Police Academy soon!

Happy Mother's Day!  I hope your day is wonderful and that you feel the honor that is due to you.

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