Thursday, June 19, 2014


Berlin loves to feel like a big girl and do what Olivia is doing.  This morning she watched Liv go get a bag of bunny crackers out of box on the floor of the pantry then bring them to me to open.  Bay followed suit, crawled over and got a bag, dragged it over and held it up to me.  I put both girls at Liv's table to eat crackers and drink water and Berlin grinned the whole time.  In the past I have had a hard time with mornings.  Waking up so early with them, wrestling them into clothes, facing the same thing day after day, trying to shower and get ready with small hands banging on the door, trying to send emails and get my own things done... After a great spiritual experience though and some time pondering on my cranky attitude I thought about the short time I will have these girls home in the mornings.  Before I know it they will be rushing off to school for the day and I won't see them for hours.  Then comes activities and friends.  It was a sobering thought that I won't have time with them soon.  And these same girls who are climbing on me and asking me to play soon won't want to spend time with me!   Also, I am so spoiled and blessed to be able to spend every day at home as their caretaker instead of having to work.  It would be really hard for me to have to wake up early to leave them instead of waking to spend time with them!

I have really slowed down and relaxed about things.  Instead of trying to check off my own lists in the morning, I just enjoy being lazy and doing what the girls want to do.  I save my to-do's for later in the day when they are sleeping, busy, or when Jack comes down to play.  As a result I have been having so much fun having lazy, relaxing mornings with these two.  We make breakfast, get cleaned up, get dressed, play toys.. they are learning to share with each other and play with each other.  The older Berlin gets, the smaller the two-year age gap seems to get and they are able to do more and more with the other.  Liv is so good with her and never gets mean or aggressive.  She does need to share better, but she is always concerned with Ber's well-being.  When Berlin goes down for her 9am nap I'm able to spend some concentrated time with Olivia learning letters and drawing, jumping on the trampoline, reading books, or sometimes I take Berlin's monitor in to Jack's office while he works and Liv and I go run errands or get doughnuts.  I'm so excited to experience every stage with my kids, and am excited to add more to our family.  When deciding how many children would be right for us, I think about going to their sports games, seeing them off to girls camp, having after-school snacks, helping them get ready for dances, and having a brood sitting around the table at Thanksgiving.  I would love to have a house filled with kids, and then in-laws and grandkids.  When people ask how many kids we want we always say "we will stop when we feel done."  I'm definitely not done, but sure am enjoying these moments with our family of four and these two sweet girls!

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