Friday, June 13, 2014

Oakley Berlin- 1 year

Berlin celebrated her first birthday exactly one week after Olivia had her third.  We didn't exactly plan on having these two this close, but I wanted to be pregnant around the same time of year.  I just didn't think we would be able to get pregnant as quickly the second time as we did the first; my cycle had been kind of crazy, and Olivia was born 3 weeks early. . But I did get pregnant as easily, and Berlin was born a week and a half early herself so there you go.  Birthdays a week apart.  I was interested in seeing how they would handle it (well, how Olivia would handle it this year.  Berlin didn't know what was going on).  I thought that maybe since Liv had already had her special day it would be easier for her to pass on the crown and would be fun for her to celebrate someone else.  Nope.  She must have enjoyed her birthday because she was ready for round 2 of Olivia day.  We explained that it was Berlin's day now, which led to tantrums, whining, and hitting all day.  She ripped Berlin's gifts open herself and wouldn't let Ber hold or play with her new toys.  Mid-morning after Berlin was down for her nap I asked Olivia if she would like to go pick out a gift for Berlin that she herself could give to her and Berlin would be so happy.  We had a great time at the store and Liv was so fun and got excited, she picked out some Ariel bubbles for her sister.  Later when I had her give Berlin the bubbles, Liv took them outside and dumped them all on the ground.  So that was nice.  Hopefully the two girls can get used to having close birthdays and even have fun with it!  We had a pool party for the two of them on Saturday with family and it was a BLAST!

Berlin was such a sweet little birthday girl.  She loved her new clip-clop castle and princesses, her soft stuffed bunny, book, and dolly I made her to match the one I made Liv when she was a baby.  We went to see the animals at Thanksgiving Point in between her naps and she got to ride the horses multiple times.  We played all afternoon and I made her favorite food for dinner- scrambled eggs.  I'm pretty strict about my kids' diets, and am a big fan of clean eating.  Olivia didn't have sugar until she turned 1.  I've been a little more lax with Bay, but I knew I didn't want her smashing into a fake, sugary piece of cake on her birthday.  I found this recipe on my friend's site (a fantastic place for healthy, kid-friendly recipes), and made it for Berlin's birthday cake.  It uses whole wheat flour (we rarely use white), and pureed fruit instead of sugar!  I topped it with fresh, homemade whipped cream, and I felt so good when Berlin scarfed it right down.  We finished off her special day with a warm bottle, snuggling on the couch, and reading her new book.

Here are Berlin's one-year stats:

- 47% for height and 51% for weight.  At her 9-month appt she had dropped to 23% in weight (it was the second appt she had dropped at), and her pediatrician suggested supplementing with formula to get her weight up to the 50% it had formerly been at because it wasn't healthy for her to be falling down her weight curve.  I was able to maintain my milk supply with Olivia and nurse her until she was 16 months old (and I got pregnant and super sick), but for some reason my supply had dropped early with Berlin.  I tried different teas, upping my water intake (which helped a bit), and increasing my calories, but my supply was still low, and worse yet- me letdown was slow.  So when Berlin didn't get the immediate milk from nursing that she got with her supplement bottles, she decided to stop breastfeeding altogether.  I tried for weeks but it was a big battle, and the less she would nurse, the lower my supply got  until it stopped.  It was really hard for me not to be able to feed her breastmilk because I'm such an advocate, but these things happen.  I made sure I still held her for all of her bottle-feedings so we would still have that bonding time, but I know it affected her.  She has been sick a couple of times since she stopped nursing and I can't help but  think she'd be healthier if she'd had the antibodies and immunities that come along with breast milk.
-wears size 12 months clothes, size 3 diapers, and size 6-12 months shoes (size 2)
-speed-crawls everywhere, can pull herself up, walk with help, and stand by herself for a few seconds
-eats everything
-still doesn't have teeth!!! If she reaches 15 months without a tooth coming in, we will have to go see a pediatric dentist to get an x-ray
-can say "Mama", "Dada", "book", "duck", "Uh, oh", and "all gone."  She will also shake her head for "no" and nod it and say "ya" for yes.
-communicates very well non-verbally and lets us know what she wants
-has a hard time putting up with Olivia, her car seat, and getting her diaper changed
-can clap, wave, and loves to dance
-loves animals, especially dogs and horses
-has had half a dozen hair cuts already to even out her dark little mop
-gives hugs, kisses, high fives, and head bonks
-likes to organize her toys and put them in containers
-takes her binky at naptime and bedtime
-communicates very well non-verbally and lets us know what she wants
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