Thursday, June 5, 2014

Olivia Kimber- 3 years old

Miss Olivia turned 3 last Wednesday, the 28th.  We had such a blast with the birthday girl.  She woke up to presents and balloons and had french toast for breakfast with a lit candle.  She is always making people "birthday cakes" out of different things and telling them to blow out their candles so I wanted to give her a couple of opportunities throughout the day to blow out her own legitimate birthday candles. She was so cute opening her presents.  When she lifted the lid on the box to her Elsa dress she gasped and exclaimed "Oh, my!!"

 While Berlin took her morning nap Olivia and I colored all over the driveway with her new chalk and played doctor with her new kit.  I learned to beware of the fake syringe, because she actually does try to stab you quite hard with that blunt end.  She also tries to use the ear thing to look in your eyes, which can also be quite painful (notice I used the correct medical terminology of "ear thing." Try to keep up).  When Berlin woke up, Jack took a couple of hours away from his office upstairs and we went for a birthday outing.  I thought for sure Olivia would choose to go see the animals at Farm Country, but she surprised me by wanting to go to the Museum of Natural Curiosity instead.  We have been there a few times and always have a blast!  Lunch was the deli at Thanksgiving Point where the birthday girl had dinosaur nuggets and fries (a real treat, since I hardly ever let her have fries), and pink ice cream for dessert.  After such an eventful morning, Liv crashed hard during her nap.

 That evening we took her to build-a-bear in the mall to pick something out.  As soon as we walked in Jack pulled the display of the stuffed horse into it's bin, hoping our equestrian-obsessed girl wouldn't see it and would instead choose to deck out a less expensive animal.  While we were showing off the ugly bears and dogs like they were royalty, some guy put the horse back up on display and Olivia sensed his presence right away.  So we got her the horse.  Much to our glee she didn't want to put any clothes or shoes on him, so we ended up with more of a bargain than we had planned on with even the ratty low-end puppies.  She did want to "bathe" him in the airbath for about half-an-hour though.  And then demanded that Berlin vacate the stroller so she could push horsey around the mall, ramming the wheels into the poor ankles of unsuspecting strangers since she couldn't see over or around the big stroller.

We had homemade mac & cheese for dinner and she blew out her candles and had a big slice of pink and white birthday cake with our favorite homemade frosting, found here.

Here are some 3-year-old facts:

-Olivia's favorite foods right now are waffles and peanut butter and honey on toast.  Her favorite treat is ice cream.
-favorite things to do are jump on our trampoline or see the animals at Thxgiving Pt.
-her best friends are her her cousins, especially Natalie.
-favorite song is Let it Go from Frozen, she belts it out upon waking most mornings
-favorite TV shows are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Henry Hugglemonster
-wears size 5t clothes (soo tall!)
-is now fully potty trained (2 weeks without a #2 accident!)
-loves us to sing a Child's Prayer when she is hurt or sad, and will sing it to Berlin when Berlin is crying
-is super agile and can climb up anything
-is an expert at snatching anything Berlin is holding.  Berlin could be playing with a paper bag and Olivia will leave her stack of toys to go take it. She is still learning to share toys.
-her eczema has been sooo much better since her appt and we are managing it quite well.  She no longer scratches as long as we are mindful.
-she has an underbite!  It is affecting her speech, but she tries hard and is doing fine.  We aren't able to correct it until she is 6, so we are hoping she grows out of it and it rights itself, which I guess it pretty common.

The other day we had spent all morning at Farm Country at Thanksgiving Point and went past lunch time.  When we were done Olivia was starving and cranky.  We went to a sandwich shop and I got lunch to go.  I loaded the girls back in to the car and Liv said "Mama, I'm so so hungry!  Where's my sandwich?"  I unwrapped her grilled cheese for her and then asked if I could break off a small piece for Berlin.  "No" she said, which was understandable because she was so hungry.  But then she finished her sentence with "break of a BIG piece for Bay."  It was the sweetest little thing. Olivia knew that Berlin must be hungry like she was, and she wanted to share a big piece of her sandwich with her.

Another sharing incident:  Olivia has had some trouble going #2 in the potty up until recently, and with several weeks of failures I had started to try something new that was working.  On only her second success in a while, she made it to the potty and was so excited.  I was clapping and cheering for her and rewarded her with an Oreo cookie.  Olivia immediately twisted the two halves apart and handed one of the halves to Berlin.  Ber was overjoyed and the two girls sat on the kitchen floor and enjoyed their cookie.  Liv had tried so hard to have that potty success, and she was so willing to share her spoils with her little sister!

I popped back to look at her one-year-old post here and her second birthday post here.  I can't believe what a chunker she was!  It is always so fun to see how much she has grown.  We love our Olivia so much, she is such a great teacher to me, on her good days and especially on her bad ones.  Happy 3 years old, sweet girl!
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