Saturday, July 5, 2014

Happy Independence Day

I love the 4th.  I love celebrating our country and  freedom and those who fight for it with friends and family.  There's such a feeling of unity all day long as people across America celebrate with barbecues, fireworks, and togetherness.

We went to the Provo Freedom Fest parade at 9am.  I always forget how crowded it is there until we are trying to navigate the clogged sidewalks and find a spot.  People rope off their areas as early as a week in advance, and some super intense people camp there the night before.  The Provo parade is my least favorite because of how rude and proprietary people are, but for  some reason we venture out every 4th.  Sometimes we find a great spot and enjoy the parade and sometimes we I leave disappointed at humanity.  It's nothing like the friendly, fun small-town parades of the further-north cities (Lehi!  Orem! Pleasant Grove!)  This year we ended up standing on the road at an intersection.  It was fine.  My little sister, Brittain, met up with us after participating in the pre-parade (she is a cheerleader at Timpview).

We had our traditional breakfast at Village Inn with Jack's mom, his sister Pam and her kids, and my sisters Brittain and Taylor.  There's nothing like breakfast and pie after a parade :)

Berlin fell asleep on the way home since she had missed her 9:30am nap, but was up and ready to play when I carried her inside.  So instead of putting her right down we filled up our little pool in the backyard and continued to bask in the sunshine.

Jack and I relaxed for a couple of hours while the girls napped and I made s'mores bars.  When Liv and Ber woke up we went and picked up a few boxes of Popeye's fried chicken.  I don't love fried chicken, but man is this stuff good.  We took that, a watermelon, and the s'mores bars over to Jack's mom's for a big barbecue with Pam and Jenny's families.  We stuffed ourselves full on tons of food, sat in Carol's cool basement and talked while the kids played, then lit a bunch of fireworks in the church parking lot next door while sitting in the grass under the shade trees.  We thought about taking the girls to the city fireworks show, but it didn't start until 10 and we thought the girl's wouldn't make it.  Maybe next year!

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