Monday, July 7, 2014

Our Summer Hiking List- Battlecreek Falls

Whew!  I'm finally getting around to posting some hikes :)  our first hike this summer was to Battlecreek falls.  You just take the Pleasant Grove exit and then take 200 S up to Battle Creek road (about 1800 E). The trailhead is marked from the parking lot in Kiwanis Park.

It was a dirt road uphill most of the way there.  I carried Berlin on my back and Olivia was totally fine to walk with only one rest break.  There was a little cave on the way up so this is where she stopped to sit.  We reached the falls in about half an hour, walked on stones to get across the river at the bottom of the falls, and sat and ate some snacks while the girls stuck their feet in.  It was a pretty short, fun little hike and good exercise.  I was able to work up a sweat packing Berlin uphill in the heat.  There isn't shade on the trail so it's best to go in the morning or evening.

For our summer trail list, look here.

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