Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Summer Hiking List- Dry Creek Canyon

This hike was a hidden gem of a trail! (haha I just sounded like an old man).  I really loved it!  We went on a gorgeous overcast day and it was so close that it made for a nice little jaunt.  I carried Ber on my back again and Olivia walked.  It was a nice.
To get there you get off exit 273, head east on 1600 N for 1.7 miles, turn left to take N Main for half a mile.  Turn right to take 200 S for 1 mile, then turn onto Dry Canyon Drive for .6 miles.  Take the trail at the entrance to the parking lot on the right side as you are going in.  There's another trail to the left of this one that goes uphill on stairs, but they both meet up and the bottom trail was easier for Olivia.
The trail itself has a drop-off on one side so if you have littles, keep them close.  There is tons of vegetation and it's gorgeous.  Also, some weird pipes coming up through the ground that you can hear running water through.  Jack and I had some fun hypothesizing the reasons and uses of these pipes.  I got a little creeped out :)  We didn't want to take too long of a hike, so we actually just trekked on for a while and then turned around and came back.  I'm not sure how long the trail goes, I think it may take you to an overlook.  Even with no destination though, I really loved this trail.  There were up and downhills so it wasn't strenuous at all, especially since we only hiked for about 45 minutes.  I'd highly recommend it though.

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