Sunday, August 31, 2014

Girls Camp!

I'm the first counselor in our ward's Young Women's, and I LOVE it!  I have such a great time with the girls and leaders and learn so much from them all.  Part of being a YW leader is getting to go to GIRLS CAMP!  Girls camp is basically just a 4-day getaway for the girls 12-18 years old and the leaders.  We have crafts and activities, testimony meeting, good food, and swimming!

Our Girls Camp this year was at Palisades State Park, by Manti.  I went on the second day and met the girls at the Manti temple where we did baptisms for the dead (we were baptized for those who had passed away without the chance to hear of the Gospel of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, but could now have the option in heaven of accepting the Church and baptism).  The temple was AMAZING.  The stonework was so intricate and old, you could see where each individual stone had been chiseled.  Inside the moldings and paintings were all so old as well.  The font was a huge brass tub.  After baptisms we did a "wander ponder", where each girl took off on her own on the grounds and wrote herself a letter, to be mailed to her at a later date.  We had snacks by the infinity pool and headed back up to the camp ground.

When I was in Young Womens, at our girls camp we slept in tents and had to bend over and wash our hair in a freezing water spigot.  Not our girls!  This year we had cabins, showers, bathrooms, beds, and were right next to a lake!  The girls spent most of the days swimming, jumping off the floating docks in the middle of the lake, and paddle boating.  I spent most of the days shouting to them "remember sunscreen!" "Don't forget to put sunscreen on!"  "When was the last time you re-applied your sunscreen?!"

Our camp directors wanted to do a theme about the 10 Virgins and being prepared to Come Unto Christ (the youth theme this year), and we were able to tie it into a more modern approach by having our logo say Girl on Fire, since the Hunger Games books are so big right now.  We didn't do much with the books, but instead challenged each girl to be that Girl on Fire, and have her lamp burning so that she could be prepared and be always finding ways to come unto Christ.  It was really cool.  My friend Jordan is an amazing graphic designer and he threw the logo together for us and my sister had shirts printed with it!  The girls were stoked.

I also did a devotional right before testimony meeting using this idea from 71 toes. I made each girl a bracelet with 2 knots on it.  One reminded them to "doubt knot" and one to "fear knot", because God was always with them, always on their side.  I made the bracelets in the YW value colors and each girl got to pick which color she wanted.  Testimony meeting was amazing, I loved hearing about each girls' sweet experiences up at camp and their witnesses of Christ and His gospel.  Pretty neat. We had 3 sets of sisters at camp too, and they were each able to grow closer to each other.  The whole thing was just an amazing experience.

Friday, August 22, 2014

things to remember

Yesterday was Jack's birthday.  All day long Olivia insisted it was her birthday because she wanted birthday cake. In the afternoon I made Jack a chocolate cake, "It's Livi's birthday cake!" Olivia announced.  I put candles in it, lit them, and said to Olivia "Say 'make a wish Daddy!'"  Olivia said "Make a wish Livi!" and quickly leaned in to blow out the candles.  "What did you wish for?"  Jack asked her.  She said "I wished I could have cake!"

This morning we went to the Museum of Natural Curiosity.  It quickly got busy and crowded and I picked Olivia up and started searching for Jack.  I called loudly for him, only to have Olivia slap her hand over my mouth "Shhh!" she said, "the baby's sleeping!"  I looked down to see a stroller nearby, with a baby sleeping through the roar of the crowd.  She made me walk quietly through the people and up the stairs to Jack where she then explained to him that we needed to be quiet because there was a sleeping baby.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Sometimes things are ugly

This has all happened since yesterday morning:

I came out of the bathroom to see Berlin covered in red nail polish and two big spots on the carpet.  Olivia is in the process of unscrewing the lid on another bottle.  I ask her to put the lid back on and give it to me.  She yells "NO!" so I take a step toward her, she chucks the open bottle, and it spews bright pink polish across the carpet and tile.

My mom cancelled plans with me last minute for the 8th time.

I was rushing around to get us ready to go to Farm Country and was sweating and huffing.  I put Berlin in the house and ran inside to get Olivia, only to discover that she had pooped her pants.  For the third time that day (she has had an upset stomach).  She's now back in diapers until further notice or until my head feels like it might not explode.

Olivia stepped in poop at Farm Country, and when Jack took off her shoes later he got some sort of weird rash on his hand.  Also, I discovered a tiny bump on Olivia's hand that I think might be a wart?  Jack or I have never had one, but I'm sure this will not be fun to take care of.

I spent my whole break (the girls' naps) at the orthodontist because the girl was new and had to take  four different molds of my mouth for a new retainer because she kept messing up.  She finally had another girl do it.

Olivia came down from her nap and had pooped in her pants again.  Luckily she had a diaper on, but was so sore from being sick that I didn't want to wipe her and I had to give her a bath.

Went to Target where an elderly man had his granddaughter jump in front of me in line, from a different line and then when I proceeded to check out in front of him he acted like he had just magnanimously let me go and explained loudly to his grandchildren that he didn't know why I had gone ahead, but that they would be nice and let me in front of them

This morning I took both girls to Walmart, did all my grocery shopping and then paid for two 25-pound bags of rock salt.  Put the girls in the car and pulled up to the door to load the rock salt.  It wasn't in it's usual place by the door.  Then I discovered my phone was missing.  I parked the car again, searched the whole car, then took both girls back into the store, and checked the register and customer service.  It was neither place, but people in line at customer service said a man had found a phone and was asking around as to whose it was.  I looked for him but couldn't find him.  Finally he showed back up at customer service with the phone.  Not my phone.  A nice lady offered to let me use her phone to call mine.  Another lady answered and said she had found my phone and was still in Walmart!  She brought it up to me and I almost cried thanking her.  I asked a Walmart employee where the rock salt was, he said he would go ask and then never came back.  I asked another one, who said it was by the other entrance. I loaded the girls back into the car and pulled up next to the other entrance.  No rock salt.  I pulled up to the garden center, it was locked with a bunch of pallets in front of the door.  I went home without rock salt.

I did remember peanut butter though!  A big, expensive jar of the natural, unsalted kind that is good for kids.  After having a huge fight with Olivia about lunch and spending time cramming as much homemade mac and cheese down her throat as I could, I gave up and dumped the rest down the sink.  She played for 5 minutes and then announced that she was hungry.  I told her she couldn't have anything because she didn't eat her lunch.  She went to the pantry, took out the new (glass) bottle of peanut butter, and dropped it on the floor, shattering it.

Is it Saturday yet?  We will be staying home for the next couple of days.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Summer Hiking List- Cascade Springs

This was the trail I was most excited about hiking this summer because I had heard it was perfect for little kids.  I expected it to be a 45-minute drive, but it was in fact an hour-and-a-half drive.  Waaay at the top of the Alpine loop.  I was a bit perturbed about the long drive (even though it was beautiful I hate long drives, especially with kids in the car), and when we got there it was just a quick, 15 minute walk in a circle around some springs that I don't think you were allowed to touch.  Well....I was not about to drive that long to look at water.  We got in the water :)  The place was extremely gorgeous: meadows of wildflowers, crystal clear water that the signs said were clean enough to drink (we didn't), and walkways and boardwalks to tread on.  We even stopped at Sundance on our way home and got some dinner and treats.  I wouldn't make that trip again, but we sure got some gorgeous pictures.  And Jacked loved it so so much and talked about it for weeks after, so it was definitely worth it.

Also, Olivia fell asleep in the car on the way there which never happens, and her head was bobbing around with her crazy hair flying in the breeze from her open window.  Berlin apparently thought it was the funniest thing that she had ever seen and was laughing hysterically.  So that was awesome too.  Don't worry, I got a picture of that as well.

See the rest of our summer hiking list here and scroll back to see more hikes.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Lemon Zucchini Bread

I made this lemon zucchini bread this morning and man is it KILLER!  I was able to use fresh zucchini from our garden, which is always exciting :)  I highly recommend doubling the recipe though and you can always freeze the second loaf.  It uses quite a bit of sugar and oil, but sometimes on a rainy morning you've just got to throw all decency out the window and make something glorious and naughty :)

Walk Interrupted

Berlin and I were on our usual walk this morning when it started to sprinkle.  It had been overcast, but pretty dry when we had set out and we were about 3/4 of a mile from the house.  I started back at our usual pace but then a downpour landed on us.  I had to literally sprint the last half-mile home and we both still ended up dripping wet.  I hurried and parked the stroller on the front porch and swung around to pull Ber out of her seat.

She was grinning ear-to-ear about our little adventure

..and then my lungs exploded.

I've been working on catching up on posts, I need to get my pictures together for Girls Camp and our trip to Washington/Idaho.  Hopefully I'll get my act together and be posting those in the next few days.  Especially because we have some more fun things coming up and I'm getting too far behind!  Luckily it's because I'm spending busy summer days with these three people I love most.
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