Thursday, August 14, 2014

Sometimes things are ugly

This has all happened since yesterday morning:

I came out of the bathroom to see Berlin covered in red nail polish and two big spots on the carpet.  Olivia is in the process of unscrewing the lid on another bottle.  I ask her to put the lid back on and give it to me.  She yells "NO!" so I take a step toward her, she chucks the open bottle, and it spews bright pink polish across the carpet and tile.

My mom cancelled plans with me last minute for the 8th time.

I was rushing around to get us ready to go to Farm Country and was sweating and huffing.  I put Berlin in the house and ran inside to get Olivia, only to discover that she had pooped her pants.  For the third time that day (she has had an upset stomach).  She's now back in diapers until further notice or until my head feels like it might not explode.

Olivia stepped in poop at Farm Country, and when Jack took off her shoes later he got some sort of weird rash on his hand.  Also, I discovered a tiny bump on Olivia's hand that I think might be a wart?  Jack or I have never had one, but I'm sure this will not be fun to take care of.

I spent my whole break (the girls' naps) at the orthodontist because the girl was new and had to take  four different molds of my mouth for a new retainer because she kept messing up.  She finally had another girl do it.

Olivia came down from her nap and had pooped in her pants again.  Luckily she had a diaper on, but was so sore from being sick that I didn't want to wipe her and I had to give her a bath.

Went to Target where an elderly man had his granddaughter jump in front of me in line, from a different line and then when I proceeded to check out in front of him he acted like he had just magnanimously let me go and explained loudly to his grandchildren that he didn't know why I had gone ahead, but that they would be nice and let me in front of them

This morning I took both girls to Walmart, did all my grocery shopping and then paid for two 25-pound bags of rock salt.  Put the girls in the car and pulled up to the door to load the rock salt.  It wasn't in it's usual place by the door.  Then I discovered my phone was missing.  I parked the car again, searched the whole car, then took both girls back into the store, and checked the register and customer service.  It was neither place, but people in line at customer service said a man had found a phone and was asking around as to whose it was.  I looked for him but couldn't find him.  Finally he showed back up at customer service with the phone.  Not my phone.  A nice lady offered to let me use her phone to call mine.  Another lady answered and said she had found my phone and was still in Walmart!  She brought it up to me and I almost cried thanking her.  I asked a Walmart employee where the rock salt was, he said he would go ask and then never came back.  I asked another one, who said it was by the other entrance. I loaded the girls back into the car and pulled up next to the other entrance.  No rock salt.  I pulled up to the garden center, it was locked with a bunch of pallets in front of the door.  I went home without rock salt.

I did remember peanut butter though!  A big, expensive jar of the natural, unsalted kind that is good for kids.  After having a huge fight with Olivia about lunch and spending time cramming as much homemade mac and cheese down her throat as I could, I gave up and dumped the rest down the sink.  She played for 5 minutes and then announced that she was hungry.  I told her she couldn't have anything because she didn't eat her lunch.  She went to the pantry, took out the new (glass) bottle of peanut butter, and dropped it on the floor, shattering it.

Is it Saturday yet?  We will be staying home for the next couple of days.

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