Friday, August 22, 2014

things to remember

Yesterday was Jack's birthday.  All day long Olivia insisted it was her birthday because she wanted birthday cake. In the afternoon I made Jack a chocolate cake, "It's Livi's birthday cake!" Olivia announced.  I put candles in it, lit them, and said to Olivia "Say 'make a wish Daddy!'"  Olivia said "Make a wish Livi!" and quickly leaned in to blow out the candles.  "What did you wish for?"  Jack asked her.  She said "I wished I could have cake!"

This morning we went to the Museum of Natural Curiosity.  It quickly got busy and crowded and I picked Olivia up and started searching for Jack.  I called loudly for him, only to have Olivia slap her hand over my mouth "Shhh!" she said, "the baby's sleeping!"  I looked down to see a stroller nearby, with a baby sleeping through the roar of the crowd.  She made me walk quietly through the people and up the stairs to Jack where she then explained to him that we needed to be quiet because there was a sleeping baby.
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