Friday, September 12, 2014

Austin Reunion2014- the Lakehouse

Ugh, I've been such a bugger at posting!  I can't be sorry because I've been busy doing important things (preschool, planning for our vacation) and even more important things (reading books and snuggling, chasing my girls on the trampoline, watching the whole series of Friends for the hundredth time with my husband).  I need to catch up though, for the sake of posterity, journaling, and my yearly family books.

In July we had our yearly family (Jack's family) reunion.  It was his brother (Joe) and sister-in-law (Deborah)'s turn to plan it and they held it at her parent's lakehouse in northern Idaho.  Since I hate long road trips (especially with a one-year-old), we flew into Spokane, WA and rented a car to drive to Houser.

I can't express how wonderful this trip was.  The house was a two-story lakehouse with it's own dock, and a huge yard that was a child's dream.  It had a zipline, homemade carousel, two-story playhouse, swingset and play ground, teeter totter, and slide.  Deb's parents also have a speedboat, tube, skies, floating trampoline, and paddleboards.  Olivia spent most of her time there in the playhouse.  She called it "Livi's house" and asked to go to it about 5,000 times after we got home.

It was truly a magical weekend spent with family (I got to braid little girls' hair for four days, which was sooo fun), playing board games, swimming, eating, and boating.  Each night after the girls had worn themselves into a stupor, we put Olivia on a mattress on the floor of our room, Berlin in the pack n play, and we all slept amazingly well.  It was so kind of Deb's parents to lend their house to such a big group (they are on a mission right now), and of Joe and Deborah to host us and set everything up.

Jack's dad was at the airport waiting to get on another flight and waited for us so he could see us.  Olivia was so excited to see him and give him a hug.  She also loved having a doughnut for breakfast.

Olivia did really well and loved having her own tray to play toys on and eat snacks on.  She also got to wear ear buds to watch a show on her ipad and was so excited to "fly up in the clouds like birds" (this pic is from the flight home)
This is the house and yard

 The zipline..Liv was so brave and went on it with Jack and then me.
 Deb's dad made this carousel from a few old pieces of farm equipment
  Berlin had her first s'more as we roasted them in the firepit in the yard

 The girls loved riding in the paddle boat
 And Liv found a nice spot to get warm and bask in the sun after swimming
 We took Liv on the tube and had a blast, then took both girls and a swell swamped Berlin and I, dumping us off.  We got a dunking, but Berlin was really good about it

 Berlin loved wading in the water and throwing rocks
She crashed in Jack's arms on the way home.  We were so happy we had chosen to fly after that busy weekend and made it home tired but so grateful for the trip!
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