Saturday, October 4, 2014

Oakley Berlin- 16 Months

It's time for an update on our littlest love, since the last one was around her first birthday!  

Miss Berlin is quite the feisty little thing now, but so sweet.  She is playing better with Olivia and has learned to stand her ground.  However, she has learned some bad habits and tries to hit or bite when she is mad (I have to try not to laugh when she "bites" because she still doesn't have teeth)  Where Liv learns by doing, Berlin likes to observe first before she'll jump in and try something.  She is quite the little walker/runner by now and has a cute waddle.  She loves to dance and can turn music on  on my phone.  She likes to push her little stroller or grocery cart around the house, and can go up the stairs faster than Olivia (not with the cart or stroller).  She loves to eat more than anything else and will eat most of what we give her.  Weirdly, she doesn't like watermelon or avocado.  She will not let anyone else feed her and is pretty good with a spoon and a cup or water bottle by herself.  She loves loves loves books and will stay entertained for a long time with a stack of them, but seems to get impatient when I try to read with her.  Or maybe it's me getting impatient because she has to jump back to the same pages over and over ;). She shares well, is very affectionate, and loves when our whole family is doing something all together.  She can make several animal sounds and mimic many of the words we ask her to say.  Berlin sleeps from 7pm to 7:30am, takes a nap from 11-1:30 every day, and has a bottle every morning and night.  She still takes her binky when going to sleep and has her bottle at night since she doesn't have teeth to ruin yet with a bottle or binky! We love her so much and I could carry her on my hip all day long.   

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