Saturday, December 20, 2014

Halloween 2014

Our October this year was just so fun and full of fall-ish and Halloween-ish activities! :) We went to Cornbelly's 3 times, spent plenty of time outside going for walks and throwing leaves in the pond, and watched lots of Halloween movies.  The plan was for Olivia to be Elsa for Halloween since we already had the dress and I just assumed she'd want to.  Jack informed me that I may be forcing it on her (ahem!) so I asked her what she wanted to be ("anything you want!") and she thought about it for a second before responding with "An ipad!  No, a raspberry! The letter I!"  I told her to think on it, and the next day she settled on a witch.  I looked for costumes but didn't see any I liked, so I got some material at Joann's and made her an easy shift dress with big sleeves and an orange tulle tutu to go underneath.  She had a Halloween party at preschool where the parents came and watched them perform Halloween songs, then ate monster cupcakes they had made.  We made jack-o-lantern pizzas for dinner and then went trick-or-treating.  Berlin LOVED trick-or-treating and was so cute holding up her bucket and saying "taintoo!" when she got her candy.  I had bought Berlin's Snow White costume at Costco the month before (when I thought Liv would be Elsa) and got it a size big, but it ran so small that we had to squeeze her into it and couldn't snap it!  It was cute though because the girls still looked like their costumes went together, as Snow and the witch who gave her the apple :)  Jack and I topped of Halloween night with our traditional JCW's and a movie (this year was the Addams Family).  Always my favorite holiday!

Berlin loved trick-or-treating so much that every morning for several days after she would find her bucket and go to the door, asking to go matter her state of undress :)
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