Sunday, April 5, 2015


My little sister Brittain (we call her Bee), is graduating from Timpview next month and we have been able to go see her cheer a few times this year.  She is just the cutest thing, and an amazing base for her building group!  Her squad took THIRD at nationals this year in California!  Pretty awesome.  I love watching her because then I get to reminisce about my own cheerleading days and Jack gets to pretend I'm not a complete psycho who wants to re-live her high school glory days ;)

I can't believe Bee is about to graduate!  I'm so happy she'll be moving down to St George to attend Dixie (also my alma mater) with her best friend and have some great experiences at the most fun college in Utah :D  notice comments are still disabled so I you can't argue with me. . .  She has talked about going on a mission, but feels right about just doing school for now. I couldn't be prouder of the amazing, kind, smart, fun girl she is and the good decisions she makes.

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