Thursday, May 28, 2015

Bee Graduates

My youngest sister graduated from High School last week.  Timpview :)  She's the last of the Tanners to do so (though the rest of us not at Timpview).  We went to dinner with my whole family, even my dad and his wife came up for it.  When your parents are divorced you don't get to spend time with the whole family very often so this was important to me.  Only Chandler and her little boy Jaden were missing (she had to work).  My family graduation dinner happened TEN years ago!  My parents were freshly split and I picked a restaurant that I never ate at so that I wouldn't have the painful memories there of a newly broken family trying to hold it together to celebrate for me.  Yeah, it was that bad.  My graduation present was a keychain and the next day all my friends went on a senior trip without me.

Anyways...Brittain's graduation dinner was slightly warmer and less awkward.  I'm so proud of her and the amazing person she is.  Her personality, her individuality, and her morals are unshakable.  She's so unbelievably talented and has so many friends.

Seeing so many graduates lately has gotten me thinking ahead to when our girls graduate and move on.  I know that we will only have so many years with them at home in which to help shape and influence them.  To teach them and protect them.  It really makes me not want to waste time or energy on unnecessary things.  To make the most of moments together.  Even before they graduate they are going to start having their own lives.  Friends, sports, school, and so many other things will take them away from home and away from our protective influence.  Away from the people who want only to keep them safe, pure, and happy.  That's such a scary thought and I have new resolve to be better with the time I'm given with them.  To help them build confidence, resilience, a strong sense of self and of right and wrong. And to help them build a relationship with their Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ that will help them stand strong against anything they encounter outside of our walls.
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