Saturday, May 23, 2015

Carol Austin Reunion 2015

I've been so bad at keeping up with things, the new house and other things have just made it so hard for me to sit and record things!  I really need to keep up for the sake of our yearly book though, so hopefully I can get some things on here in the next couple of days.  Also, I have no idea where to start for a post of our new house.  I feel sheepish posting about it for some reason.  We've just been really blessed.

A few weeks ago we went up to Heber to the Carol Austin Reunion.  This is a get together for Jack's immediate family and his mom.  His siblings take turns planning it and this year was Pam's year.  She found this huge house you can rent up in Heber (it takes a lot of space to fit all of the Austins), and we spent a great few days reconnecting and having a fun get away.  The house itself was.....interesting.  It was enormous, but not open at all, so there were so many hallways and bedrooms that you could get lost! Not to mention the fact that it was decorated in medieval style (round table and all).  It made for an interesting weekend with all of those kids.  I lost Berlin at one point and we had the whole family searching for her.  What made it scary is the yard dropped off on all sides into forest, with no fence.  Turns out she had snuck into the bathroom while Jack was showering and he thought I knew she was in there.  There was also an indoor pool and hot tub and a racquetball court downstairs.  Pam had some fun activities planned, like an egg hunt for the kids and the tradition of making movies and then watching them together.  Many of the bedrooms had lofts for the kids, lined with bunk beds.  Our room had a big bed for Jack and I and then two little beds for the girls, it was so cute.  The scenery was amazing and it was so fun to be up in the mountains.  Jack and I even broke away to explore the little town and get some pie one day :)

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