Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Sister Austin is Home!!

Jack's little sister retuned home from her LDS mission!  She served for eighteen months in Columbus Ohio, teaching people the gospel of Jesus Christ, and was missed terribly by her family and friends.  We are so proud of her!  Amanda is the SEVENTH and final child in Jack's family to serve a mission so it was a pretty neat experience welcoming her back.  We met her at the SLC airport with big signs, one for each of her nieces and nephews spelling out her name, and OSU colored balloons (she served on campus for part of the time).  It was so neat to be at the airport with so many other families welcoming back their missionaries.  The love and anticipation created such an amazing atmosphere.  After the airport we had a big family dinner at Los Hermanos and she was released at the church by her house.  The blessings that have come to Amanda and her family and those she served and taught have been tangible.  I'm so grateful for missionary work and the saving grace of Christ and His gospel!

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