Monday, June 22, 2015

Berlin Turns 2

Baby is two!!!! In reality I can't believe she is so young because Berlin is such an old soul and is just my little buddy.  Berlin follows me around all day, helping with chores, wanting snuggles, and eating 10,000 snacks ;) She is a sweet, affectionate girl, but is sure feisty sometimes.  Especially when it comes to big sister. Little Bay doesn't put up with much from Olivia.  Bay's favorite foods are chips and yogurt.  Other favorite things are playing outside, dogs and cats (and pretending to be them).  She still carries her blanket everywhere with her and takes a binky at nap times and night (though we don't give her a bottle after her teeth are brushed, so she has one in the morning instead).  She is talking super well in short sentences and picks up on things quickly.  I can understand almost all of what she says.  She has four molars, her top four front teeth, and three bottom.  She is a short little chubby thing now and is 60% for height and 89% for weight.

For Berlin's birthday we got her a little blow up splash pad for the yard, a toolbox, and a magnetic Mickey puzzle where you fish for the pieces.  She requested a chocolate cake when I gave her options.  We played outside all morning and then in the afternoon went to the city's carnival.  It was so fun that it was here on her birthday!  We love our little one so much and had so much fun with her on her birthday.

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