Monday, July 27, 2015

Pioneer Day

This 24th was so great because we were able to host at our new house for the first time!  Early in the morning Jack went golfing with his brother and the girls and I went and picked out some new plants for our pots in the front porch (the first set of plants fell victim to my first trimester of pregnancy and never got watered).  We each picked out a plant (making sure they had the qualifications I needed of surviving lots of sun and low temps in the winter). I showed the girls how to dig holes and replant the grasses and flowers and then we watered them.  We made dip, cut up veggies, and made a big dispenser of strawberry limeade.  Everyone arrived laden with lots of amazing side dishes and meat and we fired up the grill.  It was great to see that our yard could accommodate everyone and entertain the kids while the adults talked, ate, and played games.  The Utah holiday was especially meaningful to me this year because I just re-read Fire of the Covenant again.  It's an amazing book about the Mormon Saints crossing the continent by handcart and arriving in the Salt Lake Valley.  One of my favorite books.

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