Thursday, September 3, 2015

Jack's 33rd Birthday!

We celebrated my favorite person on the 21st of Aug.  I love Jack's birthdays cause it's a great excuse to make a day all about him.  He doesn't love the attention, but he loves being able to spend all day with his family doing fun things and eating goodies and the girls loved telling him Happy Birthday a thousand times so it's just a great day all around.  Plus, we usually do an overnight for Jack's birthday so that's always amazing.  This year I invited our friends to come stay with us the weekend before and they were so sweet to make the drive up from Southern Utah to celebrate!  We always have a blast with these guys and they feel so much like family.  It was fun being able to host in our new house and accommodate everyone.  I'm not gonna lie, when I picked out our couch I did so specifically with this group in mind.  All of us fit very comfortably on it for a late game night :D Oh, and Jack rented a dunk tank haha!  And the boys went golfing Saturday morning while the girls got pedicures.
We had to cut the festivities a little short on Sunday because my dad was in an accident while training one of his horses and I rushed to go spend time with him in the hospital in St. George.

On Jack's actual birthday he slept in, opened gifts (including a new road bike!) played with the girls, and we had lunch at the Trellis Cafe.  They have the most amazing chocolate mousse cake.  At 4 his sister, Amanda, came to watch our girls and we headed up to Salt Lake to stay the night.  We went shopping at City Creek, ate at our favorite SLC restaurant, Market Street Grill, and had fun walking through the Grand and Little America hotels (we stayed at the Little America this time).  The next morning we had breakfast at Market Street, Jack loves their crab and avocado omelette!  We walked around the farmer's market in the park and got Jack the fruit tart he loves from Carlucci's and then when he thought it was time to head home I surprised him with the news that I had arranged for our sweet neighbor girl to come watch the girls when Amanda had to go to work, so we were able to extend our outing a few hours longer.  We went and saw a movie.

It was such an amazing couple of weekends for such an amazing guy.  Jack is the best person I know, so generous and always thinking of others.  He loves his family so much and is a wonderful dad and husband.  He's funny, smart, fun, and a million other great traits that make me feel so lucky to have landed him.

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