Monday, November 23, 2015

34 weeks

My original due date was Jan 4th.  The ultrasonographer moved it up to Dec 26th when I was 20 weeks (which would technically make me 35 weeks, but we stick to the original when counting down so we know when she actually came).  Olivia was born at 37 weeks and Berlin was born at 38 weeks, so things get a little tricky when we are trying to plan on when this baby may make her debut!  I'm guessing sometime between the 18th and 21st.  HOPEFULLY not on Christmas :) The funny thing is, we were specifically trying to avoid having a December baby.  My birthday is Dec 5th and I've never loved it.  Jack and I tried for this baby for about 5 cycles before we got to April and I realized if we got pregnant that month he or she would be born around Christmas.  So we took a month off.  I won't go into detail, but let's just say that we had been tracking my cycle pretty well since we had been trying for a few months and during the whole two weeks when all possibility was there, not much happened.  Plus we were closing on our new house and moving in, which made things super busy anyway!  Fast forward a couple of weeks we need to start tracking things again since we are still wanting to get pregnant.  Jack and I were organizing some things in the kitchen when he says "when is your period supposed to start?"  I sat back on my heels and thought about it what day it was.  I was two days late.  This wouldn't be such a big deal, but I am NEVER late.  Sometimes early, never late.  My cycle is so consistent that Olivia and Berlin were born in the same week, two years apart!  I immediately took a pregnancy test and it was positive.  After 5 previous negative months and trying not to get pregnant in April, we stood in the kitchen dumbfounded.

It was all part of a tremendous blessing and left me with an even stronger belief in my Heavenly Father's love and recognition of me and my needs.  I get very sick for my first 17 weeks of pregnancy.  It starts at 5 weeks and doesn't let off until I'm good and humble.  We didn't plan on building a house at the beginning of year, but everything came together and it happened for us.  I could NOT have done all I needed to to help our family build and move if I had been sick.  But as soon as we were settled, here came the baby.  Whether we tried or not.   I don't even care that she will be a Christmas baby.  My trust in the Lord's timing has strengthened so much.  I was told in a blessing when we started this process (because I always need that extra encouragement that comes from God through the Priesthood in order to work up the courage to get pregnant again) that our baby was so anxious to come to our family, so if timing wasn't right for me December is her first chance to be with us, then we are more than ecstatic to have her then.  IN FOUR WEEKS! ...give or take :)

This pregnancy has been much like the others in all the major ways.  I wasn't able to take any prescription nausea meds at the beginning, first of all I was nervous about Zofran because of new evidence of birth defects (which info, of course, you always have to take with a grain of salt because who knows if it could be linked to things that happen anyway), but either way, when the nausea got so bad that I couldn't hold anything down for a long time and I'd take half a Zofran, I'd get a terrible migraine.  One of the worst days of my life so far was the day when I was 8 weeks pregnant, so sick I couldn't even keep water down, and had a migraine so bad that I had to lay in a dark room without moving my head or eyes...yeah I'd like to never have to re-live anything like that.  However, I did NOT have to get an IV this time around for dehydration!  So that was amazing.  The exhaustion this pregnancy has been worse, but that could be because I also have a 2-year-old and 4-year-old this time around.  Olivia wakes up between 6 and 6:30 every morning so I have to make sure I'm in bed by 10:30 in order to make it through the day.  Especially because I'm waking up 4 or 5 times a night now to turn over and get comfortable.  The heartburn is bad, the back and pelvis pain are bad.  This baby is moving all the time, but doesn't make me sore like the other two did.  She's very gentle and isn't pushing her feet into my ribs like Liv, or stretching down into my pelvis like Berlin. We are so excited to have three girls though.  Jack especially.  He is a dad made for girls I think. And if we are able to get a boy for our fourth and last then that would be awesome, but we are just so happy with whatever we are given and to have three girls will be an adventure.  A dramatic, hormonal, pink glittered, adventure.

We have decided to have her at the birth center in Lehi with a midwife.  It has been a very different experience than our previous two with doctors.  We had a doctor we loved for prenatal visits, but who was absent at both births.  In the hospital I had no one there for me the whole time to check and help with progress and with Berlin's I thought I wasn't progressing so I got the epidural, when in actuality I was in transition and had to sit at the edge of the bed while Jack was made to stand in the corner of the room and then I had her before the drugs even kicked in and then couldn't lift my arms to hold her afterward.  After trying to breastfeed, I couldn't see my baby for an hour because they wouldn't let me out of labor and delivery due to the late epidural that left me unable to get into a wheelchair.  Finally Jack lifted me out of the bed and into the chair so I could go hold Berlin in mother baby.  We wanted to try something different.  I'm interested to see how the delivery goes.  The midwives make the whole experience a lot more mother-led than a doctor does.  I'm responsible for tracking my vitals and weight when I get there, I do my own urinalysis there, and I monitor my diet and symptoms.  There are three midwives at the center and I meet with whomever is on call on the day of my appointment and then when I go into labor I get whoever is on that day.  There is a birthing suite at the center with a huge tub, bed, ball, and birthing stool (plus extras like TV, fridge, stereo, etc.)  The pain management techniques they use there are sterile water injections for back labor and nitrous oxide.

So now we're just in the last phase and waiting for our girl!  It's pretty nice to be in my final months and weeks during the holidays because it keeps us busy and excited for other things in the meantime. Plus, how magical would it be to have our brand new family member with us on Christmas morning (please, please?)  Liv and Berlin are excited as well and have been so sweet talking about their new baby sister.  I can't wait to see them with her...If they can wrestle her away from her dad.

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