Sunday, November 1, 2015

Fall 2015

October is my favorite month of the year!  I still need to upload and pick through all of our photos from Cali for a big post, but for now let me put up some pics of what we were able to cram in between our vacation and Halloween :)

Four trips to Cornbelly's (our fave fall destination) where we went down the big slide, the girls jumped on the air trampoline, played in the huge enclosure full of corn kernels, went through the corn maze, played on all of the toys, watched pig and goat races, raced ducks in water troughs, and ate lots of candied nuts, roasted corn on the cob, and drank our weight in homemade kegged sodas.

One morning we made the beautiful drive up to Sundance and looked at the fall leaves.  We walked up and down the paths there, sat by the fire, and ate brunch at Foundry grill. 

 Berlin nearly went into a food coma after encountering her first buffet.  She was in heaven when she saw the huge serving bowl of yogurt and fruit, the mountains of waffles with cream, and the dessert table.

We carried on our tradition of watching a movie together after church each Sunday. The girls call it 'Family Movie Day' and we pop a big bowl of popcorn (Jack sticks to his bagged version) and blow up the air mattress to park in front of the TV in the living room.  Olivia always lines her toys up on the couch to watch the movie with us.

This baby girl is still baking and we hit the third trimester at the beginning of the month!  

We watched the pumpkin drop with our traditional group at Hee Haw's (Amanda and Jack's dad and his wife, Paula).  Liv did NOT like the pumpkin drops and made me take her to the car when she saw that they intended to drop a car.
We carved pumpkins as a family.  Berlin's didn't hold up well since it was a small pie pumpkin that we had the longest.  Two days later the bottom jaw softened up and her's could be found flat on it's face most of the time.

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