Sunday, November 22, 2015

St George

A couple of weeks ago I went down to St George for Tasha's baby shower and took Berlin with me.  In the car I stocked her up with new shows on her iPad and a bag of jerky and she was so great on the trip :)  We had dinner with my best friends first thing, did a Costco run, and then all weekend had lots of downtime and great conversations. It's pretty awesome to be pregnant at the same time as Clar and Tash.  Tasha's baby shower was Saturday and we had soup and treats and it was cool to see some of my old friends and school staff (Tasha is a counselor at the middle school).  We also went to Clar's house to just sit and talk in chairs in her driveway while Berlin terrorized her cats.  When Tracy caught the cat for her to hold I thought her heart would explode from happiness.  We missed Jack and Liv terribly but it was such a nice relaxing weekend.

 I'm such a sucker for Dairy Queen mud pie blizzards so I always have to make a late night trip when we are in Hurricane.  This particular time I was looking so forward to it, then took it back to Tasha's to find that they GAVE ME THE WRONG BLIZZARD.  Seriously, I was so mad.  Sweet Kassie got a mud pie though and traded me.  Cause she's pretty amazing :D

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