Saturday, December 19, 2015

December 2015 (so far)

This December has been seriously magical with all of the winter weather and waiting for our baby girl!  We've had lots of snuggly time at home watching Christmas movies, eating goodies, and taking it easy but I also feel like we've been very busy with activities and Christmas prep!

We had a blast at our first annual neighbor Christmas party!  We were missing two of the husbands, who were sick, but still had fun with our group eating the amazing food that everyone brought, opening white elephant gifts (I'm so sad I didn't get a pic of those!  They were hilarious!) and playing some moderately to severely inappropriate games haha.  Jack, the girls, and I are so blessed to have moved onto this street where we have made such amazing friends.

 We have taken a few walks up and down our street to see the new houses going in, explore the different floor plans, and get this baby to move down.  The girls love watching the construction and seeing the different stages of the house like they did with ours.  I love the fresh, open space around our house and living in the country.

 We went to see the lights at Thanksgiving Point.
 My sister, Taylor, came over to color my oh-so-grey roots and help me feel not so frumpy and gross.
 Olivia had her first primary program!  She memorized her part easily ("Jesus Christ makes it possible for us to be resurrected") and was a champ at staying in her seat, singing, and saying her part in the microphone without help!  She was also so excited that both of her grandmas were there to see her!

I hit 37 weeks pregnant

And the girls spent some time playing in the snow (which is more Berlin's thing than Olivia's), making a gingerbread house almost completely on their own, and warming up by the fire.

Our ward's youth put on a live nativity that was seriously SO great! Each group started in the church parking lot and had hot chocolate, then followed paper bag lantern-lined paths down the street and through the field to visit the different bonfires or stations where the different characters from the nativity spoke to us.  It was really an experience trekking through the dark and snow, with snow lightly falling, very pregnant.  I couldn't help but think of Mary making her very long journey pregnant.  We stopped at warm inn where the rude inn keeper slammed the door and turned us away into the cold.  We got directions from different people, heard about the wise men's journey to find Christ, sang with the shepherds out in the field around a fire while their sheep bleated in a pen right next to us, listened to a group of angels singing, lit up high on some steps, and finally found the small stable that housed Mary, Joseph, and the couple's real 2-month-old infant (don't worry, they had a good heater going in the stable). Joseph told us about the stresses and anxieties of being earth father to the savior of the world and the responsibility we all have and then we sang Silent Night.  Even Olivia sang out with us, and Berlin asked if she could hold the baby Jesus and kiss him to keep him warm.  It was really a special experience and I was so glad to do something like this to help instill in our girls (and ourselves!) what this season is about.

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