Monday, February 1, 2016

Asher Grace- 6 weeks

Hello from a mother of THREE!  I must say, so far this gig isn't as stressful as I anticipated.  Sure, we've had to switch from man-to-man to zone defense when we go out, and I feel like I'm nursing Asher 24/7, but this newborn phase has me easing into life with a lot less freak outs than I thought.  I've had a few people tell me that the third is the hardest, but I'm not feeling that yet.  The first is definitely the hardest.  Right now I'm just doing more of what I was already doing and Jack and I have talked about how readily our hearts opened up to welcome this sweet baby girl.  She had a space there already and feels so at home in our family.

The older girls are just head over heels for her, which I don't take for granted.  I know a new baby can throw older kids into upheaval and as much as I try to avoid making them feel like she gets so much attention, she really does. But they have handled it like champs. I guess that has been the hardest part, having to put Liv and Berlin off so much while I'm taking care of Asher.  I feel like a hundred times a day I'm having to tell them to wait when they need something and I'm feeding her.  Berlin loves to hold her as much as possible though (and lay on her, and get super close to her face), and Olivia talks and sings to her and shows her things.  We have also had to stay in a lot and be very careful when we go out to stay low risk for germs.  Man, having a baby in the winter is a whole different ball game when it comes to illness and I've had to miss out on a lot this holiday and winter season.  I've also become very aware of how inconsiderate other people are with their sick kids :/

Asher Grace is just so peaceful and lovely.  She eats well and calms easily.  She is taking to a schedule well and not giving me any trouble at night.  She has formed such a secure attachment so easily that I wonder if it has anything to do with all of the contact right after she was born and bringing her right home for full-time bonding instead of using the nurses and nursery in a hospital like I did with the other two.  She loves to be held and touched and responds well to being calmed and can be set down to sleep without trouble most of the time and has a good sleep/eat/wake pattern.

She is also putting on weight like crazy and is just such a little butterball!
-She fits into her 6 month clothes now and has delicious little chubby cheeks and a pot belly.  Definitely the biggest of my babies!
-Her hair is lightening up a bit and she is bald on top (by far the baldest of my babies), with long wispies at her crown and a little dark duck tail in the back.
-She has teeny tiny feet and long delicate fingers
-She has big, full lips
-She has very dark blue eyes (like Berlin had), hardly any eyelashes (unlike Berlin)
-She's very grunty and squeaky, especially at night.  I have to turn up the sound machine so she doesn't keep me awake all night with all of her noises!

Her schedule goes something like this:
7:30am eat and then doze for half an hour to an hour
8:30 dress and play
9:00 nap
10 or 10:30 eat, change play
11:30 nap
1:00pm eat, change
1:30pm nap (afternoon is when she is sleepiest)
4:00pm eat, change
4:30pm nap
6:00 first cluster feed, change, play
7:00 nap
8:00 second cluster feed and play until bedtime.  This is when she gets a bit fussy and needs to cry a bit in her swing or as we hold and rock her and watch our shows
10:00 bathtime (only every other night.  On the nights she doesn't have a full bath I just wipe out her neck rolls, behind her ears, and her hands), pajamas, last feeding, swaddle, and rock her until she's sleepy
10:30pm bedtime.  I lay her in her bassinet next to my bed.  Sometimes she cries a little and I wait a couple of minutes, pick her up and rock her until her eyes close, then lay her back down.  A few times it has taken several "pick-ups" before she'll settle down into a deep sleep and twice she has needed another feeding after being restless for a long period of time, but mostly she is very good about going down.
3:00am she wakes to eat, I change her first so I can feed her back to sleep and she goes right back down.

Here are her 6 week photos.  I made her bonnet before she was born and her swaddling blanket is Little Unicorn and was a gift from my sweet friend, Brooke.

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