Thursday, March 31, 2016

Grandma LaVern

My grandmother passed away a few weeks ago, just a over a year after my grandfather died.  Her name was Lavern and she married my grandpa after my dad's mom died.  She already had 6 children with her first husband and was a widow.  We attended her funeral in Brigham City, she was buried between her two husbands.  It was so good to remember grandma and see family I haven't seen in a while and then spend some time with family afterward and go to Maddox.  Also, my dad was able to meet Asher for the first time.

Also Jack got a handsome new haircut :)

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Asher Grace- 2-month Appointment

Asher had her 2 month appointment last week and is healthy as a horse. 99% for weight (15 pounds), 99% for height, and 80% for head.  I told the doc I thought she may be a bit tongue-tied (the frenulum that connects her tongue to the bottom of her mouth looked too far forward) and he looked and confirmed that she is, but as long as it isn't affecting her ability to eat-which obviously it isn't-he would wait and see if it affects her speech later on before doing anything.  If it does, he can snip it a bit.  I also mentioned that she doesn't like to nurse on my right side and will pull off about 20 times and swallow a bunch of air in the process.  I've pumped on that side and it's not a production problem.  He suggested trying the football hold.  "Maybe she just wants to look around" he said, and I thought, "right, my 2-month-old needs entertainment while she eats."  but I tried it at home and it worked like a charm haha.  It's a super awkward position though so I hate having to do it in public.

I've still got some weight to lose- 12 pounds till I'm at my pre-baby weight and then I'd like to drop another 5 after that.  It has been so frustrating because it went quicker with the first two and hardly any of my clothes fit, I'll have to be creative when we go on our trip in a bit because I can't just wear leggings and huge shirts every where :) I'm being super careful about what I eat though and slowly but surely the number on the scale is dropping.

Asher is sleeping from 10-6:50 now, wakes to eat, then sleeps again until I wake her back up at 8:30 to start the day.  I love that she's so cute and chubby and healthy, but sad that she felt like a newborn for such a short period.  We sure love our girl and she adds so much to our family already.

 Her older sisters were so sweet helping her be brave for her checkup and shots.  We always delay whatever immunizations we can and only do the expedient ones each checkup, leaving others for when our kids are older, but will definitely have them all in before public school.  This checkup whooping cough and meningitis were our priorities.

Valentine's Day

Jack and I HATE going out on a traditional date for Valentine's day because it's what every single other couple is doing in Utah and it's impossible to drive anywhere or sit at a restaurant.  We seriously procrastinated thinking about plans this year and I made a reservation in Salt Lake the night before (well, V-day was on a Sunday so we planned a date for Saturday night like everyone else).  My sister got stuck in the date night traffic coming up and we missed our reservation, miraculously got a table at Olive Garden because we called ahead, walked around Target, waiting half an hour for some shakes at JCWs, and were late for our movie, How to be Single haha.  It was a frustrating night but the movie was pretty good and it made us happy that we get a regular date night every Wednesday night and don't have to much importance set on the Valentine's Date and don't have to compete normally.  Sunday morning Jack gave me some beautiful calla lilies and a funny card with a bunch of cash.  I gave him a new bathrobe and slippers.  He arranged a scavenger hunt for the girls to find their treats and they had to look at close up pictures on his phone to see where the clues were, Berlin was so good at it!  Sunday night my mother in law and sister in law dropped off homemade merengue for the girls and then my brother stopped by to see Asher again and chat.  After he left I made filet mignon and roasted vegetables and we watched our favorite movie, About Time.

<<---I laughed super hard...and then bought a lot of clothes with the guilt money ;)

Jack was a bit miffed with the floral company because the calla lilies were suppose to be part of a whole arrangement but they just stuck three in a vase.  He was in a hurry when he went to pick them up though so he just took it and vowed never to go there again.  I still think they are beautiful :)

and of course I have to post a pic of Asher asleep on Jack in church... wish I could spend sacrament meeting like this ;) jk, jk
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