Saturday, May 21, 2016

Asher Grace- 5 months

Guys this year is just FLYING by!  So much is going on and I can't keep up fast enough to blog about it all!  We spent a week in California, Liv will be 5 in two weeks, Berlin will be 3 in three weeks, and this past weekend Jack and I hosted the annual reunion for his whole family.  Right now I'll just post Asher's 5-month photos.  This baby is just a dream.  It breaks my heart that she is growing so fast.  She is really just the yummiest, most heavenly little thing and the four of us can't get enough of her.  At her 4 month appointment she was 95% for height and 93% for weight.  Both her pediatrician and our chiropractor think she has teeth coming in, which made me laugh because Berlin didn't get her FIRST tooth until she was 17 months old!  So we will see if Miss Asher is sporting a cute little bunny rabbit smile at her 6-month check-up

Here are some things I want to remember about our third baby girl:

-Asher has big blue sparkly eyes and long, thick lashes.  The first thing people comment on are how beautiful her eyes are
-She is so bald haha!  I am really loving it, the other two girls had so much hair and I like smelling and kissing Asher's sweet little head.  Also, headbands actually stay on her instead of slipping in feathery hair ;)
-She has the chunkiest little body (especially her roly poly thighs), but tiny feet
-Has always been so focused and looks right into your eyes or at things she is grabbing at
-Can reach and get things she wants, then put them right into her mouth
-Can stand up while holding our hands
-Loves to be carried in her Bjorn
-Is so good at going down for naps and sleeps 9-5 at night, wakes to eat, then sleeps again till 8 or 8:30
-Smiles easily and laughs easiest when she starts to get tired or when we tickle her tummy
-Loves hands.  She studies and holds her own all day and loves to play with our hands and hold them every chance she gets.
-Loves when her sisters sing to her and will stop crying and be soothed by them
-Does not like her car seat or stroller
-Comes on our date with us each week to dinner and a movie, she loves sitting at the restaurant with us, then always watches about 30 minutes of the movie in the theatre before eating and then sleeping in Jack's arms for the rest.
-Is still sleeping in her bassinet in our room until she outgrows it
-Has the sweetest little "talking" and "singing" voice but rarely uses it
-Doesn't like to be held by anyone but mom and dad
-Has eczema on her arms, legs, and tummy that prevents her from taking baths very often and requires extra care (coconut oil and vaseline)
-Gives me kisses on the face and shoulder and will put her arms around me and lay her head on me for hugs

Having a baby in the house is just one of my favorite things.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE the 0-1year stage and am just trying to savor it and drink her baby-ness in as much as possible!

Also, something I want to remember is how much Asher Grace loves hands.  She is always studying her hands, sucking on them, holding them, and loves to touch and hold other people's hands as well.  It's so sweet how, no matter how I'm holding her, she manages to find one of my hands and hold on.

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