Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Olivia's Preschool Graduation

Olivia Kimber is officially done with preschool and on to Kindergarten in the fall!  We've loved Miss Emily and her graduation ceremony was so cute, it was Dr Seuss-themed and they sang songs they had learned and each child went up to the microphone and gave a Dr Seuss quote.  Liv delivered her's perfectly without prompts!  She has struggled with the classroom setting and I'm hoping that Kindergarten will challenge her enough that she will enjoy being there and learning instead of feeling like she is just being contained. She is so bright and has known all of her letters, numbers, etc. for a while and now we are working on reading and writing words and sentences.  She has also been going to speech therapy for a few months to correct some problems she has had in talking but is improving greatly there.  I'm just praying she gets a teacher who will see what a bright, sweet girl she is and that her energy is something to celebrate, not tolerate. After her graduation we took her to her (current ) favorite restaurant, Red Robin.

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