Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Berlin's 3rd Birthday

Berlin turned three years old on the 4th!  That same weekend it was our town's carnivals "days" so the night before we went to our the carnival (and told her it was all for her of course) and rode some fun rides and ate carnival food and then on the morning of her birthday we went to the parade and got bagfuls of candy thrown our way.  Berlin also opened her gifts (lots of Lego Duplos, an Ariel nightgown, a tutu, play dough, and some painting books). My sister, Amy, got married on Bay's birthday so we all got dressed up and drove to Brigham City to party with family.  Amy has a friend that used to work as a Disney princess and she had her dress up in her Cinderella costume and visit the birthday girl.  It was so sweet for Amy to arrange this at her own wedding and Berlin felt so special getting a crown from Cinderella.  Also we got some great pics of me with all of my sisters!  That night we had dinner and birthday cake (Berlin requested a chocolate cake with stars on).  We love our Berlin so much and loved celebrating her.  She is so sweet, so intuitive to others' feelings, such a great help to me, so obedient and thoughtful, and seriously the funniest little kid with a great sense of humor.  She is just losing her baby fat and getting leaner and taller and has the most beautiful bluish-grey eyes and long lashes and curly brown hair.  Happy birthday to our sweet girl!

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