Monday, July 25, 2016

Stewart Falls

I made my family hike Stewart Falls today. Two years ago when we did it we rode the lift up and then hiked all the way down and it was a looong distance (and so amazing and gorgeous). Today I thought if we started at the bottom and went up to the falls and then back down it wouldn't be bad for these three little troopers but it was still a good 3-hour trek. Uphill almost the whole way there. I felt so bad and knew my girls were exhausted and I barely packed enough water. I felt myself sinking deep into guilt and then stopped myself and thought "you know what?! I want my kids to do hard things! I want them to know that they can push themselves and succeed!" This may sound intense for a 5-year-old and a 3-year-old but these three girls of ours did AMAZING. The hike didn't come without tears or falls, but they completed a difficult hike and I was so so proud of them. And Jack held and wore Asher the ENTIRE time. It would be a little masochistic to say I loved the experience but honestly I did. As a joke as we were reaching the bottom, all covered in sweat and caked with dust, I said "hey guys, let's turn around and do it again!" And little Berlin said "Okay Mom! Let's do it!" That kid could have crossed the plains I tell ya..

Afterward we sat down at Foundry Grill to a spread of ice-cold drinks, smoothies, pasta, salads, burgers, and then bought the most decadent brownies to eat on the drive home.  

this morning Olivia drew a picture of us on our "adventure." I guess I didn't scar her for life after all....also, as you can see, Jack didn't get the credit for wearing Asher the entire time ;)  Things I love about this picture:  the squirrel with the acorn (we saw a squirrel on the trail), the apple tree with the worm (we did not see an apple tree), the big rocks on the trail (she tripped a couple of times), that Dad and Berlin are pointing to the waterfall, and that their hair blowing indicates how fast she thought we were making her walk

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