Wednesday, November 9, 2016

October and Halloween 2016

Halloween is my favorite holiday, but this season seemed to last QUITE a while haha. Even I felt done when it was over.  We did tons of our favorite fall activities, lots of Cornbelly's, seeing the witches at Gardner Village, Frightmares at Lagoon, and the annual pumpkin drop at Hee Haw Farms. Berlin had asked to be Ursula for Halloween and the the thought of having to make all of those tentacles had me feeling a little less than excited.  Luckily when we took her to the Disney store int he mall the Maleficent costume caught her eye and I was off the hook (should I be concerned that my 3-year-old only wants to be villains?)  Olivia decided to be Peter Pan, which was a surprise since she usually is very girly.  Her costume was easy to make, just some green jersey for the tunic and shorts, cut and sewn to her size with jagged sleeves and a collar, green leggings, and a felt hat which I used an easy tutorial to make.

Saturday night we hosted a Halloween party for Jack's whole family and came up with games like Headbands using villains that I thought up and put on cards.  It became difficult to think up so many villains for that many rounds with that many people so I had to stretch a little bit (Martin Harris anyone? ha!)  Jack also did "who is most likely" kind of questions that we would all write our answer to and had to match with our spouse, and Halloween charades.  All of the kids played in the basement and everyone brought the most delicious snacks and treats to share!

On Halloween Liv had a costume parade at school, so we let Berlin dress up too and we went to go watch her walk with her class.  We went out to lunch, had a relaxing afternoon at home playing in costumes, then Jack went out to get our traditional Halloween takeout of JCW's while I put some eyeliner and lipstick on little Maleficent :D and put on my witch costume.  A witch is my favorite thing to be.  When I was a kid I wished so hard to be a real witch.

When Jack got home the trick-or-treaters were just starting out on our street.  I put Asher's little witch outfit on and we took off down the street.  I love our neighborhood, and how quickly we have made friends here.  We stopped several times to chat and catch up with neighbors as our kids went up to the doors to collect candy.  It was actually a pretty chilly night but they were running around so much that they didn't feel it for about an hour.  As we made it back up past our house Berlin got a little too cold so I took her inside to dump out her candy while Jack took the others up to a few more friends' houses.

After I made the girls eat some wheat toast and they each had a few pieces of candy we put them all to bed and heated up our food and watched Hocus Pocus while going to the door to hand out candy to the last straggling trick-or-treaters.  It was fun to pull up our photos from our trip to Salem and see the houses that were featured in the movie!  (Max and Dani's house, Allison's house, City Hall where the party was, the High School...)

It was a great holiday, made better by excited kids :)

 Lagoon has the cutest trick-or-treat trails for kids to walk along and get candy!

Peter Pan even found her "shadow," how cute is that!?

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