Saturday, April 2, 2016

Cali Trip 2016

Guys!  In March we spent over a week in Cali

It was seriously such a great, magical week of pure, unadulterated family time.  Our little Asher Grace was such a trooper and could not have been more enjoyable as we walked around the parks.  She actually added so much to the trip as we carted our sweet little infant around.  She has always been a champion sleeper and learned to take naps in our arms walking around while we were on our trip.  We knew we couldn't take a trip to Southern California without a few days at Disneyland so we booked a room at the Grand Californian that we absolutely loved.  It was overlooking California Adventure (right over Goofy's Flight School) and had bunkbeds in the room for the girls.  But I'm getting ahead of myself. We of course broke up the trip with lunch in St George (Tom's Deli and Croshaw's Pies) and ate at the splash pad on Main St while the girls ran around and spent some energy.  The past two trips this has helped break things up so well, I just put their swim suits where I can access them, change them at the splash pad, we eat, then they dry out enough to make it to Vegas where we usually go right down to the hotel pool.  In Vegas we ate at Bubba Gump's for dinner and bought enough Sprinkles cupcakes to hold me over until our trip home ;)

We spent our first night in California at the Hilton Waterfront Beach Resort during a rainstorm.  We ate at a beachside restaurant and then watched the waves from our balcony.  It wasn't the sunset beach experience we had expected but was still so fun and memorable!

We spent Friday-Monday at Disney and it was just as exciting as it was in October and we had such a blast with favorites like Ariel's Grotto, Ghirardelli (Nob Hill Chill :P ), and the parades.  We also tried some new things like the lobster nachos at The Cove Bar, Main St, and Toon Town.  We forced Olivia to go on the 'scary' rides again (Splash Mountain, Radiator Springs), and had to sadly explain to our daredevil, Berlin, why she couldn't go on the big rides.  Jack's brother Dave and his family met us one of the days and it was so fun going on some rides with them and switching off with the little kids to go on a couple of rides with each other.

After we said sad goodbyes to the Grand Californian we made our way to San Diego and checked into the US Grant Hotel.  We absolutely adored it and the staff made such a fuss over us and our three girls.  They had cold bottles of water waiting for us upon departure and arrival and the deluxe room was so nice and so comfortable for our family.

Tuesday we visited Legoland for the first time ever.  I was expecting something akin to Lagoon and had pretty low expectations and maybe for that reason I was really blown away!  Our girls absolutely loved it and they had really good food and so much to do!  It wasn't crowded and we were able to go on almost every ride without waiting long.  There were also some neat structures to look at and a movie to see. My favorite part were the large play areas that had only one entry/exit so you could send your kids in to play and not worry about them getting lost.  It was very clean and the employees were so cute with our girls.  There were lots of rides for Berlin's height and ones that were wild but not too scary for Olivia and almost no wait time for any of them.

Wednesday we went to Sea World.  We really wanted to go see the whale shows before they stop doing them after this year.  They weren't able to do as much as the did when Jack and I had gone the week before the Tilicum episode, but the girls were still awed by it.  Highlights included feeding the seals, watching the dolphins and whales dive in the show, and watching piranhas eat dead fish.

Thursday we visited the San Diego Zoo and it was really fun, but I think we were all a little tired from the week because we didn't want to do the walking required to see all of the animals.  It was so nice just to stroll along the cool, shady paths though and we did ride on the big zipline, which was really cool!

We had a beach day where we tried a new beach!  It was mission beach and has an awesome boardwalk with food (we ate at ), rides and shops, the most fine, soft sand, free close parking, and showers to rinse off in!  We will definitely count it as a top beach for when we visit Cali.

Our last morning in San Diego we ate breakfast at an amazing place called Cafe 222 and then made the drive back to stay the night at the Wynn in Vegas on our way home.  While waiting in the long line for the buffet, Olivia found a group of guys sitting around waiting in chairs and she commenced to meeting them all and then put on a magic show for them.  I love her outgoing, fun personality and how great she is at making friends.  We had an absolutely AMAZING room at the Wynn and it was the perfect end to our vacation.  Jack and I being back at the scene of our first date, ten years later and with three beautiful little girls.

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